Idaho Boxing Legend Kenny Keene Wins Weekly Grand Jackpot!

BOISE, Idaho – An Idaho sports icon and retired professional boxer, Kenny Keene, Emmett, has won and claimed the jackpot on the Idaho-only Weekly Grand draw game.  Keene, a long-time Idaho native, matched all five numbers in the game from last Saturday night’s draw.  His prize, $77,380 translates into $1,000 a week, each week for an entire year after the withholding taxes are paid by the Idaho Lottery.

Kenny Keene Weekly Grand

“As a professional boxer, I’m used to seeing this kind of money,” admitted Keene, a member of the Idaho Hall of Fame.  “But it usually came with broken ribs and a lot of bruises.”

Keene’s professional boxing career began in 1990 and lasted 16 years where he accrued a record of 51-4 as the “Emmett Eliminator” before retiring in 2006. Since retiring, he’s met with success in different business ventures and has supported the Gem County Drug Court program. Throughout the years, Keene has always played the Lottery with the belief that one day he would win.  That one day was last Saturday on a Weekly Grand ticket purchased from the Albertsons in his home town of Emmett

“I’ve got 52 wins, now!” exclaimed the former 1994 World Boxing Federation cruiserweight champion. “Just like boxing, you can’t win if you don’t step in the ring. For me, the Lottery is my entertainment and you can’t win if you don’t play.”

Keene plans to use some of the winnings on nice jewelry for his wife, Megan.  Megan works with Gem County Treasurer, Connie Goins, also a Lottery winner from 2008.  Goins accompanied the Keene’s to Boise for the check ceremony. The Keene and Goins families have been very close over the years because of the boxing world.  Kenny’s father and Goins’ late husband Geno were best friends.

For their part in selling the winning ticket, Albertsons receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery for $7,738.

Weekly Grand is an Idaho-only draw game that began in August 2011 with draws on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Players who match all five numbers win the jackpot, $1,000 a week each week for a year after withholding taxes are paid.  Keene is the 16th jackpot winner on Weekly Grand.

Watch Kenny Keene’s interview:

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Idaho Lottery Recognized as Nation’s Best!

BOISE, Idaho – The Idaho Lottery has received nationwide recognition for their achievements during Fiscal Year 2013.  Leading Lottery industry associations, Public Gaming Research Institute and the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries recognized the Idaho Lottery for their $48.2 million dividend returned to the citizens of the Gem State and their 16.14% increase in net funding for Public Education and the Permanent Building Fund over the previous year, the highest percentage increase of any of the 45 lottery jurisdictions operating in the United States.

“In 2007, the Idaho Lottery defined our vision: to become the highest performing jurisdiction in North America,” said Idaho Lottery Director Jeff Anderson. “Cooperatively with our statewide network of nearly 1,200 retail partners, and our vendor partners, we have worked together not just in our business but on our business for greater success each year. This focused work has landed the Idaho Lottery nationwide recognition.”

The Idaho Lottery is the 2013 recipient of Public Gaming Research Institute’s “Sharon Sharp Good Causes Award” which recognizes lotteries which have achieved the highest percentage increase in net funds contributed to its beneficiaries, the true measure of a lottery’s success. The award honors lottery industry pioneer Sharon Sharp, who headed the Illinois and California Lotteries before consulting in the lottery industry globally. Sharp’s enthusiasm, focus, and dedication for lottery beneficiaries inspired this award in her name after her death in 2009.

“The 2013 Sharp Award for Good Causes recipient is the Idaho Lottery for increasing net funds to its beneficiary by 16.14% in Fiscal Year 2013 over Fiscal Year 2012,” said Paul Jason, Publisher & CEO of Public Gaming Research Institute. “Maximizing net funds, the profits, to the good causes that Lotteries support is our mission and we congratulate the Idaho Lottery for their exceptional performance!”

The Idaho Lottery is currently celebrating its 25th year of operations, its silver anniversary. Since inception in 1989, the Idaho Lottery has sold over $2.5 billion in products, awarded over $1.5 billion in prizes to players, returned more than $148.2 million in retail commissions, and distributed $600.5 million in Lottery dividends to Idaho public schools and the Permanent Building Fund.

“Each year for the past decade, the Idaho Lottery has returned a record dividend while maintaining our adherence to responsible play and rigorous fiscal management,” added Anderson. “We remain on target to deliver our 11th consecutive record dividend later this summer.”

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Confetti Cannons Installed!

After years of brainstorming, product development and staying within the National Lottery Celebration Standards (NLCS), we are happy to announce a new addition to the Idaho Lottery winners’ area! This product will bring a WOOH times TWO reaction from our winners, as it did for our recent $250,000 25th Anniversary Scratch Game winners, Sarah and Mike Bell. You may have to plug your ears during the process and there’s a likelihood that you’ll need to pick out “party favors” from your hair after this winning experience, but we assure you it’ll be well worth it!

Without further ado, we present to you the Idaho Lottery Confetti Cannons. The Confetti Cannons shoot out 16 ounces of colorful confetti in one swift even blast, to celebrate the exciting winning experience!

Confetti Cannons Installed

Come on down to the Idaho Lottery with your winning tickets and experience why the Idaho Lottery is not only one of the luckiest Lottery’s in the country, but inevitably the most fun!

Thank you for 25 wonderful years, Idaho, we hope you have the best April Fools Day! :)


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No April Fools – Rigby Couple Wins $250,000 on Lottery’s 25th Anniversary Game

BOISE, Idaho – Driving back from a family dinner outing Sunday evening in Idaho Falls, Sarah Bell asked her husband Mike if he had any money on him. When he answered yes, she made her husband stop at the KJ’s Travel Center in Idaho Falls at 615 E Iona Road along US Highway 20 and pick up two of the Idaho Lottery’s 25th Anniversary Game Scratch tickets.

“I actually scratched the ticket on the way home and got excited when I thought we’d won $25,” explained Sarah before realizing she was holding the top prize. “I kept scratching and that $25 had a lot of zeros behind it.  I started shouting that we’d won $250,000. When I got home, I was so excited, well, I lost my lunch!

25th Anniversary Winners

“We’ve been playing the game regularly since it came out and had won $250 on it a few days before,” said Mike who then called his parents who live in Boise and asked if they could come for a visit.  “Then I told them we won $250,000. I had to convince them it was not an April Fools’ joke.”

The Bell’s, a long-time couple from Rigby, Idaho, claimed the first $250,000 prize in the Idaho Lottery’s 25th Anniversary Scratch GameTM.  One additional top prize of $250,000 in the game remains. The couple claimed their prize late on Monday afternoon at Lottery offices in Boise.  They were joined by their family and celebrated with festive balloons, 25th Anniversary Lottery t-shirts, and two unopened bottles of non-alcoholic sparkling white grape juice.  When presented with the actual winning check, Sarah became very flushed.

“Don’t worry, I’m not ill,” she said laughing. “I think that it’s finally just settled in. It’s really real. We really won!”

Mike, who works for Bonneville Industrial Supply Company and Sarah, who works for Idaho Falls Group Homes, plan to put their winnings to good use, pay down some debt and perhaps buy “new to them” vehicles then invest the remainder.

For their part in selling the winning ticket, KJ’s Travel Center receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery of $20,000.  The same retail location also sold a $5,000 top prize on the Idaho Lottery’s Rapid Refund Scratch Game to Justin Manasco of Alpine, Wyoming earlier on Sunday morning.


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Impromptu Store Visit Lands Caldwell Woman $100,000

BOISE, Idaho – Penny Sower, Caldwell, is used to seeing winning Idaho Lottery Scratch tickets.  It’s her daily form of entertainment.  And four years ago, she won $1,000.  And while she’s an avid player, she certainly was not expecting to see a $100,000 winner on the Scratch GameTM High Rollers on Thursday night.

High Rollers“At first I thought I’d scratched the ticket wrong because of the amount I’d won,” explained Sower. “I sure did a lot of staring and double-triple checking my ticket to be sure it won what I thought it won! This one has a couple more zeros on it than the last big one I had.”

Sower had made an impromptu stop Thursday evening at the Jacksons Store on 2420 E. Linden Street in Caldwell to pick up a few tickets and pass the time before meeting her sister and brother-in-law, Bob and Patty Kiser.

“I had some extra time, so I stopped in the Jacksons close to where I was,” continued an excited Sower. “Once I discovered I really had the winner, I called my sister and told her she needed to get to where I was right away!

Her sister and brother-in-law joined Sower for moral support at the Idaho Lottery officesPenny Sower Caldwell High Rollers in Boise when she claimed her prize.  After claiming the second top prize on High Rollers, the retired 33-year veteran from Simplot plans to use her winnings to support her retirement. Two top prizes remain in the High Rollers game.

For their part in selling the winning ticket, Jacksons receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery of $10,000.

“It doesn’t matter if you win $1,000 or $100,000 the Lottery always treats you like you won a million bucks,” added Sower. “Somebody has to win. Today, I’m the somebody!”

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Caldwell Man Finds $1,000,000 Winning Powerball Ticket on Coffee Table

BOISE, Idaho – For eleven years, Harvey J. Costlow of Nampa hasphoto 2 (6) been visiting the Stinker Store on the corner of Ustick and Cleveland in Caldwell to buy his Lottery tickets.  On February 12, 2014, during a big Powerball jackpot run, Costlow visited his regular store, picked up his cigarettes and got a few Powerball tickets. That night, his ticket won $1,000,000 but Costlow was unaware he was holding the big winner.

“I keep the tickets on a coffee table I have in the garage,” admitted Costlow. “They’ve been sitting there since February. I knew I needed to check them, but just hadn’t gotten to it.”
Late on Tuesday afternoon, Costlow took those tickets that had been lying around back to the Stinker Store to be checked.
Stinker Store Ustick and Cleveland in Caldwell
“When they scanned it, the machine made a different sound than usual and they told me I was the big winner they’d been looking for!” exclaimed Costlow, a retired law enforcement officer. “I went home and told my wife.  She didn’t believe me. But then said it was good she hadn’t cleaned up my coffee table and threw my tickets away!”
On Wednesday, Costlow visited the Idaho Lottery offices in Boise to claim his $1,000,000 prize.  He and his wife are evaluating their options for their winnings.  For their part in selling the winning ticket, Stinker Stores receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery of $20,000.
“We’re already millionaires,” added Virginia, Costlow’s wife of 53 years. “We’ve been blessed with a great life.”
 Harvey Costlow Nampa $1,000,000 Powerball Winner
“Besides, somebody has to win, but if you don’t play, you can’t win,” said Costlow.
The Powerball jackpot for tonight is an estimated $40 million.
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Top 20 Luckiest Idaho Lottery Retailers!

Top 20 Luckiest RetailersIdaho is a lucky state, but which stores are Idaho’s luckiest? In the spirit of St. Patrick’s day, and being the luckiest jurisdiction per capita for multi-state draw game wins over $500,000 in the United States, we’ve compiled the top 20 luckiest retailers in the Gem State!

  1. Jacksons #10 in Boise: Jacksons #10 sold the #1 and #3 highest jackpot amounts in Idaho Lottery history, the $220.3 million Powerball jackpot to Brad Duke and the $87.6 million Powerball jackpot to Pam Hiatt. They also recently sold a $200,000 top prize on Christmas Countdown!
  2. Ady’s Convenience and Car Wash in Post Falls: Ady’s sold the 2nd highest prize in Lottery history, to Holly Lahti for $190 million on Mega Millions. They’ve also had a $250,000 winner on Mega Millions.
  3. Kwik Stop in Malad: Kwik Stop has a laundry list of six and seven digit winners. They’ve sold two $1,000,000 Powerball winners, a $325,000, $250,000 and $150,000 on Tri-West, and three $200,000 prizes on Powerball.
  4. Jacksons #4 in Homedale: When it comes to six digit winners, they don’t have any, but they do have seven digit winners. Kenneth Johnson won $2.06 million on Wild Card and Lee Atkins won $1,000,000 on Powerball!
  5. Maverik #273 on Karcher in Nampa: Maverik #273 sold the winning $1,000,000 Raffle ticket to Hilda Floyd in 2011. They’ve sold winning Powerball tickets in the amount of $600,000 and $200,000 as well as a $250,000 ticket on Mega Millions!
  6. La Tienda in Franklin: La Tiendas most memorable win comes from Donna Flint and the Flint family for winning $1,000,000 on Powerball. They’ve also had several other big wins including: three $200,000 Powerball winners, a $285,724 Fantastic 5 winner and a $110,000 Wild Card winner!
  7. Walden’s Market in Coeur d’Alene: Walden’s has only had two six digit or higher winners, but they’re big and both on Tri-West, one for $1,061,944 and the other for $935,163!
  8. Huskey’s in Irwin: Huskey’s in Irwin may have a small population, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have big winners! Huskey’s has had a $1,000,000 Powerball winner and $250,000 winner on the Xtreme Winter Green Scratch Game!
  9. Top Stop Chevron in Malad: Down on the border of Idaho and Utah is a Powerball king! Top shop has sold two big Powerball prizes, one for $1,000,000 and the other for $200,000!
  10. Albertsons #161 on Ustick and Five Mile in Boise: Albertsons #161 has also been a very lucky store, especially recently after having sold a $1,000,000 Powerball ticket. They also sold a $191,100 Winner Take All Raffle ticket!
  11. Freeway Jifi Stop in Coeur d’Alene: Freeway Jifi Stop had a lot of luck early on with Tri-West, having sold a $375,000 ticket as well as a $623,736 ticket!
  12. Yokes Pac N Save in Ponderay: If you’re up in Ponderay, stop by Yokes Pac N Save, as they’ve been lucky on Scratch Games and Draw Games. They’ve sold a $580,000 winner on Tri-West and $250,000 top prize on Xtreme Winter Green!
  13. Stinker in Emmett: Stinker in Emmett has had success with their Draw ticket winners, two winners on Tri-West for $275,000 and $325,000 and then on Powerball for $200,000!
  14. Super 1 Foods in Rathdrum: Super 1 Foods is known for more than their fresh produce! Super 1 has sold a $600,000 Powerball winner as well as a $200,000 winner on Cash Explosion!
  15. Korner Stop in Rathdrum: Another lucky stop in Rathdrum is on the corner, Korner Stop! They sold a $520,000 ticket on an older style Weekly Grand game and a $250,000 winner on Mega Millions!
  16. Oasis Stop-N-Go #7 on Addison in Twin Falls: If there’s a big winner in Twin Falls, it frequently shows up here! Oasis has sold three $250,000 winners, one on Idaho Millions, one on Mega Fortune and the last on Silver & Gold!
  17. KJ’s 66 on Fairview in Boise: KJ’s has been a quick stop for big bucks! They have not only sold a $250,000 winner on $250,000 Riches, but a $200,000 prize on Powerball!
  18. Fred Meyer on Overland in Boise: Fred Meyer on Overland is your place for Draw Games, because they’ve had two $200,000 winners on Powerball!
  19. Guffy’s in Bellevue: If you’re in the area or on your way to vacation in Sun Valley, be sure to stop at Guffy’s. They’ve sold a couple big winners, a $200,000 winner on 20th Anniversary and more recently $100,000 on 10x The Money!
  20. EZ Mart in New Plymouth: EZ Mart, especially lately has been the place to be in New Plymouth to buy tickets. They just sold a $200,000 ticket on Christmas Countown, and not too long ago sold a $100,000 ticket on World Poker Tour.

Where’s your favorite (lucky) Idaho Lottery retailer? Tell us below in the comments!

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