The Idaho Lottery commemorated 100 years of rodeo in Idaho with the Snake River Stampede last summer when it introduced the western themed Scratch GameTM Rodeo Riches. And in the spirit of the American old west, the final top prize winning ticket of $50,000 was won by a real cowboy.

Cipriano Del Rio - $50,000 Rodeo Riches

Cipriano Del Rio and his nephews breed and train real rodeo horses in Ogden, Utah. In early February, Del Rio and his wife were visiting Top Stop Chevron in Malad to play the Idaho Lottery when he purchased his winning ticket.

“A while back I played the game and matched a couple of cowboy hats, each were worth $20, so when we went to the store yesterday, I said we had to play that game again,” described Del Rio. “I bought two tickets.  I had them check the one I thought I’d won on and the machine started going ‘Wooh! Wooh!’  So I asked ‘how much did I win?’”

And they said “It’s big!”

“How big?”

“Really big!” 

“Really big?”

“Really, really big!”

“Wooh!!” he finally added.

The retired cowboy plans to take his wife on a couple of vacations with his prize winnings. And with a tip of his hat, and a western swagger, he promised to return one day to the Lottery Offices for the “big one” before driving away into a wintery western sunset.

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Cheney, Washington Woman Becomes Two-Time Idaho Lottery Winner

BOISE, Idaho – Dawna McCallum of Cheney, Washington became a two-time Idaho Lottery winner on Friday after simply following her instincts both times. In 2012, McCallum was the third-ever winner on the Idaho Lottery’s Weekly Grand game, which provides winners $1,000 a week every week for an entire year with withholding taxes paid by the Idaho Lottery. At the time, she had made a New Year’s resolution to win the Lottery and pay down her medical debt.  Three weeks after the New Year in 2012, she did just that.

IMG_1543_editFast forward four years later to last week. McCallum was on her way to a social event, “Working Women’s Wednesday” hosted by KZZU radio out of Spokane. Last Wednesday, the event was being held at the Timber Gastro Pub in Post Falls, Idaho. On her way there, she was listening to the station and heard the song “Timber” by Pitbull with Ke$ha.  Seeing the unusual juxtaposition of these two similarities in names, McCallum decided to stop and buy an Idaho Lottery ticket from the Seltice Way Stop-n-Go in Post Falls. 

“I went in thinking I was going to get a Powerball ticket, but then I saw they had a Scratch Game called Big Timber,” explained McCallum on her winning purchase. “It was like everything was lining up for me. First the name of the place I was going, then the song, and then the ticket. I had to buy it.” 

McCallum claimed the game’s top prize of $100,000 from her purchase.  “It was like the last time. It was meant to be,” said an astonished McCallum.

McCallum plans to finish paying off debt and then invest the balance of her winnings.

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Lott Wins the Lottery, $100,000 on Scratch Game!

When your last name has the first four letters of the word Lottery in it, chances are one day you’re going to win big.  That day was today for Tamara Lott from Rigby, Idaho claimed the final top prize of $100,000 in the Idaho Lottery Scratch GameTM Hot Cash. Her winning ticket was purchased from Bobs Quick Service in Rigby just after the first of the year. 

IMG_1536_edit“I got the ticket right after the Raffle ended,” said Lott on her purchase of the Hot Cash ticket. “I was checking those numbers and since Hot Cash only had a couple of tickets left, I bought two.  I scratched them in the store couldn’t believe what I saw. I was pointing at my ticket and pointing at my ticket and finally just said ‘I won $100,000!’  I showed it to the clerk and she said I needed to take it to Boise.”

After three weeks with the ticket, Lott made the trek with her family from Rigby to Boise to claim her prize.  She said they wanted to wait until the roads were safe to travel.  Lott said they plan to pay off some bills and invest the remainder of their winnings.

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Utah Winners Claim Big Lottery Prizes of $250,000 and $390,200!

BOISE, Idaho – Two Idaho Lottery players from Utah have claimed six-figure prizes in the last two days. Tyson Riley, from the Salt Lake Valley, won $250,000 on a Scratch GameTM from a ticket he purchased in Franklin, Idaho, and Tracy Montgomery from the Ogden Valley won $390,200 on the Lucky for Life game on a ticket she purchased in Malad, Idaho.


Tyson Riley happened to be in the right place at exactly the right time on Wednesday morning.  After traveling from Salt Lake City to Logan for a work meeting, he decided to make a quick detour to the town of Franklin, Idaho to pick up some Scratch tickets and Powerball tickets before heading home.  His detour, however, turned into a day long journey that had him traveling to Boise before making the return drive back to Utah.

During his stop at Best Stop, the Tesoro in Franklin, Idaho he purchased and played a Super Jumbo Bucks Scratch Game and after seeing that his last number matched a winning number, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“I saw it matched, so I scratched the prize amount.  I’d already bought about $100 worth of tickets and I saw $250 on the prize, so I thought I was up $150,” explained Riley on his winning experience.  “Then I saw the comma, and the three zeroes after the $250.  It was $250,000.  I didn’t think it was right.  It happens, but it doesn’t ever happen to you, right? I handed it to the clerk who scanned it and told me to sign it and that I need to go to Boise to claim it.”

Riley ventured north into Idaho and five hours later found his way to the Idaho Lottery’s offices in Boise to claim his prize.

“I still don’t believe it’s real, that I’m here,” added Riley. 

Riley said he and his wife planned to pay off debt and invest the remainder into a new home they are purchasing with the winnings.

IMG_1530_editFor Ogden resident Tracy Montgomery, she waited until the Powerball jackpot hoopla settled down before contacting the Idaho Lottery about being the Lucky for Life winner.  Montgomery’s ticket matched the first five numbers, but not the Lucky Ball, for the Thursday, January 7, 2016 draw.  This prize allows her to receive $25,000 a year for the rest of her life, with a 20-year minimum, or select a one-time cash payout option of $390,000. 

“I was checking all of my Powerball tickets for the big draw and I didn’t match any of the numbers to any of my tickets,” said Montgomery on how she discovered her winning Lucky for Life ticket. “I play the same numbers every time, so when I checked my Lucky for Life ticket I recognized the numbers right away and almost everyone matched. I couldn’t believe it!”

She said she started playing the same numbers last spring after some advice she received while visiting Malad.  “If you’re lost in the woods, stay where you’re at and don’t wander off.  If you play numbers you remember, and that have meaning to you, don’t change them,” added Montgomery.  “If you’re in the woods, the moment you wander off you’ll get even more lost and the moment you change your lottery numbers, they’ll hit.”

True to her word, a week after winning the second tier prize on Lucky for Life, four of her numbers came up again and she won another $200.

Her winning ticket was purchased from KC Oil in Malad, her favorite store.  “The ladies at KC Oil are amazing, they’re never going to believe that I’m the one who won the $25,000 for life!” she said.

Montgomery elected to take the one-time cash payout option of $390,200 for her winnings, because in her words, “You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow.”

Montgomery plans to invest her winnings into her business and help her family.

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Employee Group from Micron Claims $50,000 Powerball Winner from Famous Jackson’s Store; Pierce and Franklin Winning Tickets also Claimed

BOISE, Idaho – Last week’s epic Powerball run did more than produce a world record jackpot. In Idaho, it produced the single largest group ever to split a big Lottery prize and the State’s luckiest store for Powerball sold another near-jackpot winning ticket.

A group of 43 people who work together at Micron Technology pooled their monies together and won $50,000 from a ticket purchased at Jacksons #10 on Orchard and I-84 in Boise.  The group, dubbed “Integrated Systems,” claimed their winnings from the Idaho Lottery.  Group leader, Carmel Petrain, said “This is a blessing and I’m grateful to share it with so many people. 

Micron Powerball WinnersCertainly one of the luckiest stores in Idaho, and perhaps one of the luckiest lottery stores in America, Jacksons #10 has a long list of big wins and close calls when it comes to big Powerball jackpots and winning tickets.  This store has sold two Powerball jackpot winners, one to Pam Hiatt in 1995, and the other to Brad Duke in 2005.  On three other occasions, including last week’s winner, Jacksons #10 near the airport has sold Powerball tickets that matched four of the first five numbers and the Powerball, just missing the jackpot by a single number.  The first two, in October 2008 and again in April 2009, each won $10,000. With the rules change this past October for Powerball that prize level now starts at $50,000.  In addition, this store sold a $200,000 winning scratch ticket in December 2013. 

In addition to Integrated Systems, two of the other three $50,000 winning tickets have been claimed. 

Tanya Gillespie from Pierce, Idaho, in Clearwater County, claimed a $50,000 ticket from last Wednesday’s historic Powerball draw.  Her winning ticket was sold at the Pierce Mini Mart in Pierce, Idaho.

A winning ticket for $50,000 sold for the Powerball draw on Saturday, January 10, 2016 was claimed by Veronica Solis of Ogden, Utah.  Her winning ticket was sold at Best Stop in Franklin, Idaho.

One ticket worth $50,000 from the Saturday, January 10, 2016 sold in Ada County remains unclaimed.  All players of Powerball in the past week are encouraged to check their tickets carefully for winners.  Players have 180 days from the date of the draw to claim their prizes.

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Idaho’s Beneficiaries Win from Historic Powerball Jackpot Run; $50,000 Winning Tickets Sold in Ada County and Clearwater County

BOISE, Idaho – The Idaho Lottery has confirmed that for the second draw in a row, two winning Powerball tickets came within matching one number to win the jackpot.  These two winning tickets, one sold at an Idaho Lottery retail location in Ada County and the other at a retail location in Clearwater County, matched four of the first five numbers and the Powerball.  Each ticket is worth $50,000.  Last night’s winning numbers were 04, 08, 19, 27, 34, and the Powerball was 10. The PowerPlay for the draw was 2.

$8 Million to Idaho Public Schools & Buildings

Including these two big winners, Idaho had 143,265 winning tickets from last night’s draw for a total of $837,019 in prizes.

Last Saturday night’s draw also produced two $50,000 winning tickets, one sold in Ada County and the other sold in Franklin County. None of the four $50,000 winning tickets have been claimed.

“Thank you to everyone who participated in this historic event,” said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director. “This Powerball jackpot run emphasized the fun and excitement this game has to offer. It became a social event for everyone as people bought tickets and discussed what they would do if they won.  We say that every play pays and in this case it did. Our players got to imagine what they’d do if they won, we had thousands of winning experiences across Idaho, and our retailers realized hard earned commissions from the sale of tickets.  Our biggest winners from latest big Powerball jackpot run are our beneficiaries, Public Education and the State of Idaho’s Permanent Building Fund.”

Since this most recent jackpot run began on November 5, 2015, Powerball alone has generated $8,000,000 in dividend benefits for the State of Idaho.

The Powerball jackpot also brought additional benefits for two lucky players who participated in some of the Idaho Lottery’s other draw games.  Last Wednesday a winning ticket from Twin Falls won the Weekly Grand jackpot, a prize of $1,000 a week for an entire year after withholding taxes are paid by the Idaho Lottery. This prize was claimed by Lea from Filer.  Also last week, on Thursday night one ticket sold at an Idaho Lottery retail location in Oneida County along the Idaho-Utah border won the second-tier prize in the game Lucky for Life.  This prize is worth $25,000 a year for the rest of the winner’s life, with no maximum limit.  The Lucky for Life prize remains unclaimed.

All players have 180 days from last night’s draw to claim all prizes they may have won from Powerball.  All prizes over $599 must be claimed at Idaho Lottery offices in Boise.

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Checking for Winners from Tonight’s Powerball Draw

BOISE, Idaho Playing and winning the lottery has taken on a new meaning in the past week.  Two $50,000 winning Powerball tickets from last Saturday night remain unclaimed and the jackpot for tonight is an estimated $1.5 billion for the annuity prize and $930 million for the one-time cash option. As more and more people join in to play for this world record setting jackpot, there are many first time participants who, after tonight’s draw, will be asking how to find the winning numbers and if they have won.
$1.5 Billion Powerball jackpot
“We want to stress the importance of signing your tickets as soon as you buy them and then carefully checking each one for winners after the draw,” said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director.  “There are thousands of other prizes available in the game besides the jackpot. Last Saturday night alone we had over 103,000 prize winning tickets in Idaho, including the two $50,000 winners.  It only takes one ticket to enjoy this historic experience.”
Players can watch the live Powerball draw on the Idaho Lottery’s draw partner television stations across the Gem State.  In the Treasure Valley and Magic Valley, the draw is shown live on KTVB/KTFT 24/7 at 8:59 PM Mountain Time.   In northern Idaho, the draw is shown live at 7:59 PM Pacific Time on KLEW 3/8.   In eastern Idaho, the draw is shown at 9:59 PM Mountain Time on KPVI Channel 6.
Players have until 7:55 PM Mountain Time (6:55 PM Pacific Time) to purchase tickets.
Once the winning numbers are selected, it does take some time for reporting to occur.  Once reporting is done, the winning numbers will be posted on the Idaho Lottery’s website,  The quickest posting of the winning numbers often occurs through the Idaho Lottery’s social media channels, on Facebook (, Twitter (, and Instagram (​).  Players can also call the Idaho Lottery’s winning numbers line at 208-334-4656 to get the winning numbers.
After the entire draw process is complete for all the States, the results will be released and players may begin validating any prizes they have.  Given the size of this jackpot and the time necessary to complete the draw process nationwide, it may take a few hours before players can validate winners after the draw actually occurs. This includes checking their tickets through the Idaho Lottery’s website, using the Idaho Lottery’s free Check-a-Ticket app, and any of the Lottery’s terminal-based scanners at retail locations. 
All winning prizes over $599 must be claimed at Idaho Lottery offices in Boise.  Players have 180 days from tonight’s draw to claim their prizes.
Any questions regarding winning tickets, or in the event of a large winning prize, players are encouraged to contact the Idaho Lottery during regular business hours from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM Mountain Time beginning Thursday morning at 208-334-2600.
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