Late Night Shift Lands Mullan Woman $200,000

BOISE, Idaho – As a matter of routine, Kathie Spiegler usually reinvests her lottery winnings from her Scratch tickets into new tickets. Last Thursday, Kathie found herself with two, $10 winning tickets.  As she finished her shift for the night at Harvest Foods in Wallace, she kept to her usual practice and cashed them at an Idaho Lottery Winstation vending machine and bought a $20, $200,000 Super Cashword ticket.

Kathie Spiegler_Idaho Lottery

“I tried to scan the $20 ticket to see if it was a winner at a gas station on my way home, but it was late and the store was closed so I couldn’t have it checked,” explained Kathie.

When she scratched the ticket in her car, she thought she had matched nine lines and had won $5,000.  Overjoyed with excitement, she called her husband Justin from the gas station and told him they had won $5,000! When she got home, she showed him the ticket.  Justin looked it over and realized she had matched ten lines which was a $200,000 winner.

“This couldn’t have come at a better time and we are so thankful, it will truly be life changing,” said Kathie.

“You know what the government doesn’t make?” Justin asked Kathie when they claimed their prize in Boise. “A $200,000 bill.  But the Idaho Lottery does!”

With a family of six, Kathie and Justin said their main goal right now is to make a down payment on a larger home.  For their part in selling the winning ticket, Harvest Foods receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery of $20,000.

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Hard Working Man Wins $50,000 on Labor Day

Cory Hollingsworth, Ririe, works hard as a truck driver for a mining company that operates about eight months out of the year in Nevada. He drives his 80,000 pound truck (that’s unloaded – it’s 250,000 pounds loaded) two weeks on and then one week off.  His one week off began the Saturday of Labor Day weekend when he returned home to his family in Ririe.  Along with the extended weekend visit, Hollingsworth claimed the first $50,000 top prize in the Idaho Lottery’s Scratch GameTM Flamingo Slingo the day after Labor Day.  The ticket was purchased at the Maverik in Ririe.


“I’d won $15 on a Flamingo Slingo ticket I bought from another store in Ririe,” explained Hollingsworth on how he came by his winning ticket on Labor Day afternoon. “I sent my wife into the Maverik to buy me two more of the same game plus get herself a $5 cashword ticket with the winnings.  When I started playing the first one, I thought it was just a $1,000 winner. Then I went back and counted the lines again and I said to my wife, ‘Hey babe, I think I have a blackout. I think I won $50,000!’ You just don’t ever think this is going to happen to you.”

The Hollingsworth’s are weighing their options on what to do with their winnings.  For their part in selling the winning ticket, Maverik receives a bonus of $5,000 from the Idaho Lottery.

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Coeur d’Alene Woman Wins $100,000 Scratch Game Prize

BOISE, Idaho – Lynn Wallace could not believe her eyes when she realized she had scratched and won $100,000 on the Idaho Lottery’s $200,000 Super Cashword Scratch Game in the middle of August.  And while disbelief is common among winners when they first realize they’re holding a large winning ticket, Wallace kept calm and returned to Fairway Gas & Grocery in Coeur d’Alene where she bought her ticket to have the clerks verify her winnings. They did and told her she needed to visit Boise and Lottery headquarters to claim her prize.


“I signed the ticket and put it some place safe and secret until I could get to Boise,” explained Wallace when she visited the Idaho Lottery’s offices in Boise nearly two weeks later to claim her prize.  So secret in fact that she would not disclose the location, even after the ticket was paid. “It’s very secret.”

A long-time northern Idaho resident, Wallace said she cashed in a winning ticket and used those winnings to help her purchase the $200,000 Super Cashword ticket. “I only buy a couple tickets a week,” she added.

Wallace’s $100,000 winning ticket is not the top prize on the Scratch Game $200,000 Super Cashword.  Both $200,000 top prizes on this game remain unclaimed.

Wallace works in the Coeur d’Alene School District and wants to retire in a few years. She said her winnings will help add to her retirement. For their part in selling the winning ticket, Fairway Gas & Grocery receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery of $10,000.

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$52,000 Birthday Ticket! Weekly Grand Jackpot Ticket Sold In Twin Falls!

Brett Temmerman, married to Deborah Temmerman, had his birthday on 7/23. They’ve been playing for the last four years since moving from Alaska to Twin Falls. Powerball, Mega Millions, Hot Lotto and Weekly Grand have been their games of choice twice a week for the last four weeks. “We always do quick pick for our numbers, so it was amazing to see both 7 & 23 in the winning numbers!” The winning numbers for the 7/23 Weekly Grand draw were: 07 11 23 25 26.

Deborah Temmerman Idaho Lottery Weekly Grand

Deborah always checks her numbers on the Idaho Lottery website. “Usually when I check my numbers online it says not a winning ticket or free ticket, but this time it said jackpot winner, I still cannot believe it, said Deborah.

“We’d never driven to Boise before, so we didn’t know how far it was. I called the Lottery office with excitement at 10am from Twin Falls and they told me to get here before 4pm. We ended up being quite a bit early as you can imagine, Deborah said laughing.

“Just the other day our dishwasher broke, so I’ve been having to wash the dishes by hand. The first thing I told Deborah after finding out that we’d won, is that we’re getting a new dishwasher. There will be more stainless steel appliances in our future,” Brett said.

Brett made it well known while he was in the Lottery office that he was quite the outdoorsmen, especially when living in Alaska. “I owned a 4-wheel drive truck for 25 years in Alaska, but parted with it when I came to Idaho since I didn’t think I’d need it. The Escalade doesn’t do well when we try to drive to our favorite spots to fish, so now I’ll finally be able to buy my new truck,” Brett said while smiling.

Congrats to Deborah Temmerman from Twin Falls, ID who won $77,380 on Weekly Grand! Ticket purchased at Big Smoke #111 in Twin Falls.

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Lottery Celebrates 25th Anniversary with $49 Million Dividend to People of Idaho

BOISE, Idaho – The Idaho Lottery kicked-off their 25th Anniversary celebration this afternoon by returning the largest dividend in their history.  Accepting the dividend on behalf of the people of Idaho, Governor C. L. “Butch” Otter received a check worth $49 million during a ceremony at the State Capitol.  This year’s eleventh consecutive record dividend came on the strength of the seventh consecutive year of responsibly increased sales.

$49 million Dividend Checkfix

Led by Chairman Mel Fisher, the Idaho Lottery Commission and Idaho Lottery Director Jeff Anderson presented Governor Otter with a check representing the 25-year dividend provided to Idaho public schools and the State’s permanent public buildings for $649.5 million.

“Tomorrow’s classrooms will enjoy today’s benefits due to the continued achievements of the Idaho Lottery,” said Governor C. L. “Butch” Otter.  “For two and a half decades, the Lottery has been committed to the highest levels of fairness and integrity, leading them to become the best Lottery in the nation.  Building on 25 years of success,join me in celebrating your Idaho Lottery’s silver anniversary.”


“With close to two-thirds of a billion dollars returned for our good causes, when players play the Lottery in Idaho, someone, somewhere, is always benefitting,” said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director.  “Every play pays.  Every day we contribute $134,247 to a greater common good that exceeds the sum of our dollars and dividends: the future of Idaho’s education and prosperity among her citizens.

The Idaho Lottery sold its very first ticket on the steps of the Idaho Capitol in July 1989.  Since that time, the Idaho Lottery has totaled $2.7 billion in sales. The statewide network of 1,200 brick and mortar retail locations has earned $160 million in commissions.

For the twelfth time in thirteen years, and the seventh consecutive year, the Idaho Lottery’s annual sales exceeded the previous year.  This year’s sales were $208.9 million, marking the first year in Idaho Lottery history that sales eclipsed the $200 million mark.

During the ceremony Governor Otter presented Luci Willits, Chief of Staff for the Idaho State Department of Education with a $30.625 million dividend check.  Of that amount, $18.375 million is earmarked for the Department of Education’s Building Fund Account and the remaining $12.25 million is for the Bond Levy Equalization Fund. Since inception, the Idaho Lottery has contributed $343.9 million to these accounts in support of Public Education in Idaho.

“Over the past 25 years, the Lottery has proven its resourcefulness and partnership by contributing well over $300 million for Idaho’s classrooms. On behalf of the State Department of Education, I want to thank Idahoans across the state for supporting Idaho students and public education,” Willits said.

Governor Otter also presented Gena Russell, Permanent Building Fund Advisory Council Chair, with a dividend check for $18.375 million. This is the largest amount ever received by the State’s Permanent Building Fund.  Since 1989, the Idaho Lottery has returned $305.6 million back to the permanent buildings of Idaho.

“The Idaho Lottery has been a meaningful contributor in the maintenance and enhancement of Idaho’s public buildings for twenty-five years,” said Russell. “Lottery revenue each year enables us to preserve our historical facilities, provide safe work environments for the Gem State’s employees, and improve the quality of Idaho’s college campuses.”

The Idaho Lottery celebrated its 25th Anniversary by setting five new records in Fiscal Year 2009.  In addition to the record dividend and sales figures, the Lottery also set records in Scratch ticket sales ($122.8 million), total prizes paid to the players ($136.8 million), and commissions earned by Idaho Lottery retailers ($12.14 million).

The Idaho Lottery’s 25th Anniversary celebration will continue on the Lottery’s actual anniversary date, July 19th, with a FREE player appreciation party prior to the final night of the Snake River Stampede Rodeo in Nampa.  Later that evening during the rodeo the national LIVE Powerball draw will take place and will be broadcast from the Idaho Center.

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National Powerball Draw Show to be Broadcast from Idaho

BOISE, Idaho – Get your lucky tickets ready Idaho, the national draw show for America’s most popular lottery game, Powerball, is coming to the Gem State to commemorate the Idaho Lottery’s 25th Anniversary!

Idaho National Powerball Draw

On its anniversary night, Saturday, July 19, 2014, the Idaho Lottery will host the Multi-State Lottery Association’s LIVE Powerball draw television show from Ford Arena at the Idaho Center during the last night of the Snake River Stampede Rodeo.

“Idaho has a long history of player luck with Powerball.  Celebrating our 25th Anniversary by hosting the national Powerball draw show is a once in a lifetime opportunity and an honor to spotlight our State on a national level,” said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director and the national Powerball Game Group Chairman.

In addition to the nationally televised show, the Idaho Lottery will also host a free Player Appreciation Celebration outside the Idaho Center prior to the rodeo that evening.  The community event will feature three-time Grammy nominee and country recording artist Tim Rushlow, presented by 100.7 The Bull.  Rushlow is the former lead-singer for the popular ‘90’s country band Little Texas. In addition, there will be Double R Ranch hot dogs courtesy of Albertsons, swing and line dancing, and lottery drawings for great prizes including a Rushlow autographed guitar. The event begins on July 19th at 3 p.m. prior to the rodeo.

“We say that every play pays in Idaho.  Whenever you play the Lottery someone is winning, whether it is our retailers who earn commissions, players who win prizes, or, most importantly, our good causes who benefit – Idaho public schools and the permanent buildings of the State,” added Anderson. “This signature is event is our thank you for twenty-five years of continued support in making Idaho the best Lottery in the nation.”

Idaho received national accolades this spring as the best Lottery in the nation, receiving the Sharon Sharp Award for Good Causes, an award that recognizes the lottery which achieved the highest percentage increase in net funds contributed to its beneficiaries.

The main event for the night is the live, national Powerball draw show, which is typically broadcast from Tallahassee, Florida on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Live remote Powerball draws do not occur with any regularity, in fact there have only been five total in the last five years. Powerball is the largest, most well-known lottery game in North America. It is played in 43 states, the District of Columbia, and the US Virgin Islands.  Idaho will host the first live remote Powerball draw held outside either Florida or California in the past 5 years with one of the largest, non-NASCAR audiences to watch the draw in person at the Idaho Center.

As a Lottery jurisdiction, Idaho has consistently placed among the nation’s luckiest States per capita to win a $1,000,000 or higher Powerball prize, ranking 1st in FY2011 and currently 4th in FY2014.

“Everyone who attends the rodeo that evening, or who plays Powerball in Idaho will want to have at least one ticket for the drawing, just to be a part of this historic event,” said Anderson. “And who knows, we could have a big winner from the draw that evening.”

The draw occurs at 8:59 p.m. MT and can be seen LIVE on KTVB 24/7 in the greater Treasure Valley and Magic Valley areas, KPVI – Channel 6 in eastern Idaho, and KLEW – Channel 3 in northern Idaho. For exact broadcast times in local areas, check the Idaho Lottery’s website at:

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Summertime Luck in Shelley!

On the first day of summer, last Saturday, Robyn White was looking for something to do. She had recently moved to Shelley from Idaho Falls and thought playing a Scratch Game from the Idaho Lottery would pass the time. She stopped in the Food Plaza in Shelley and bought one $5 Super Slingo Max Scratch ticket.IMG_0854

“I knew I had a winner when I got one row.  Then I kept uncovering all the other spaces, too,” described White on how she played her ticket and discovered she had a winner. “When I took the ticket back to the store to have them check it, they said my face went pale and it took me a while to collect myself.  I’ve heard of people winning, but never thought it would be me!”

White collected her winnings at the Idaho Lottery Offices in Boise on Monday, but not before having a bit of extra fun with her former employer.

“I got a new job when I moved to Shelley so I was planning to quit my old job. Well, I called in rich to the old job and told them I’d won the Lottery and was heading to Boise,” laughed White.

White plans to use her winnings to buy a new vehicle and help out her family. For their part in selling the winning ticket, Food Plaza in Shelley receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery of $5,000.

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