Winners from Heyburn, Rathdrum, Boise and Malad Claim $350,000

BOISE, Idaho – The recent bout of inclement weather across Idaho has produced a storm of winners at the Idaho Lottery.  Five players in the past two days claimed a total of $350,000 in top prizes on Scratch Games, including two $100,000 winners and three $50,000 winners.  The winning ticket locations include Heyburn, Rathdrum, Malad, and Boise.

“They say you should save your pennies for a rainy day,” said Idaho Lottery Public Information Specialist David Workman.  “It has been raining winners at the Lottery the last two days, and between Tuesday and Wednesday, we paid out 35 million pennies.”

IMG_1289_edit started the run on big winning tickets by claiming the top prize of $100,000 on the Scratch GameTM Bonus Bonanza Cashword late on Tuesday afternoon.  His winning ticket was purchased from Mr. Gas on Overland Avenue in Burley.

On Wednesday morning, four players claimed $250,000 in prizes in about three hours.

Jesse Stewart Jr., of Roy, Utah, claimed the first top prize of $50,000 on Frogger, the Scratch Game.  His winning ticket was purchased from Top Stop Chevron in Malad, along the Idaho-Utah border.

Next to claim her prize was Joy Hobbs, Boise, who won the first top prize of $100,000 on the Scratch Game Jumbo Jumbo Bucks.  Her winning ticket was purchased at the Albertsons located at 16th and State Street in Boise.

“I won the Lottery!” exclaimed Hobbs when she claimed her winning ticket. IMG_1292_edit

Albert Kiemele claimed a $50,000 top prize on the Scratch Game Slingo Madness from a ticket he purchased at The Big Smoke on State Street in Boise.

Dennis Harrison, Rathdrum, also claimed $50,000 but from the game Giant Jumbo Bucks.  His winning ticket was sold at Love’s Travel Stop on Expo Parkway in Post Falls.

“I had just cashed a $75 winning Scratch ticket, and as I was walking out the door I had a hunch that I should pick up a couple Scratch tickets for the road,” explained Harrison. “I purchased a $10 ticket and two $5 tickets, one of which was Giant Jumbo Bucks that turned out to be worth $50,000!”

It was also raining cash for the retailers who sold the winning tickets.  For their parts in selling the winning tickets, these retailers earned the following bonuses from the Idaho Lottery:

Mr. Gas – $10,000 for Bonus Bonanza Cashword

Top Stop – $5,000 for Frogger

Albertsons – $10,000 for Jumbo Jumbo Bucks

Big Smoke – $5,000 for Slingo Madness

Love’s Travel Stop – $5,000 for Giant Jumbo Bucks

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Idaho Lottery Awards Five $1,000 Money Makeover Prizes to Schools

BOISE, Idaho – The Idaho Lottery announced the winners of its Money Makeover for Schools promotion during a ceremony with faculty and staff at Pocatello’s Indian Hills Elementary today.  As part of the home improvement-themed Scratch GameTM Money Makeover, public schools across all of Idaho were asked to submit projects for improvements to their facilities.  The Idaho Lottery awarded five top prizes of $1,000 to schools who met the criteria for consideration.  The winning schools were:

·       Indian Hills Elementary, Pocatello: Restroom safety improvements for special needs students

·       Lava Elementary, Lava Hot Springs: Science Lab shelving for equipment storage

·       Farnsworth Elementary, Rigby: Library shelving and storage

·       Galileo K-8 STEM Academy, Eagle: Installation of a soundproof movable wall between a gym and music room that share space and a stage

·       Pleasant Valley School, Owyhee County: Build shelf space for updated language arts text books

The criteria used to evaluate the winning entries were the project’s need, the impact the project would have to improve education and the ability of the project to be completed using the Money Makeover for Schools Promotion funds. In total, twenty-nine projects submitted from across all areas of Idaho. An evaluation committee, made of Idaho Lottery officials who do not have nor never have had children in the public education system in Idaho, reviewed the applications and selected the winners.

“The Idaho Lottery was created to benefit public schools and permanent buildings in the State of Idaho,” said Idaho Lottery Public Information Specialist David Workman.  “This promotion as part of the Money Makeover Scratch Game is just one additional way the Idaho Lottery continues to fulfill its mission to aide education in the Gem State.”

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Christmas in May When Idaho Falls Woman Wins $200,000!

BOISE, Idaho – What started out as a birthday present eventually turned into Christmas in May for Misty Adams of Idaho Falls when she claimed the last top prize of $200,000 on the Idaho Lottery’s Scratch GameTM Winter Wonders.  A 2014 holiday ticket, Winter Wonders has officially ended after begin on the market since October and selling 99% of the entire game before the final top prize was won.

The winning ticket was sold at Country Corner, located at 1st and Ammon Road in Idaho Falls.

IMG_1273_edit“My husband got me the first two Winter Wonders tickets from a new roll at Country Corner for my birthday last week,” explained Misty.  “I took the winnings from those, and some other tickets, and went back and bought the next two Winter Wonders, tickets #3 and #4.  Well, ticket #3 was the big winner. I knew it right away!”

An insurance agent in Idaho Falls, Misty plans to pay a few bills, set aside some for her family, and then invest the balance.   For their part in selling the winning ticket, Country Corner, receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery of $20,000.

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Utah Man Wins First Class Fortune Prize of $300,000

BOISE, Idaho – Last week, Bradley Smith was supposed to attend a softball tournament for his daughter in Tremonton, Utah – about 30 miles south of the Idaho border.  Inclement weather, though, canceled the event. Instead, he continued his drive up I-15 to Malad where he purchased a Powerball ticket then sat and played Scratch GamesTM for a while. The rainout and subsequent drive to Idaho proved to be profitable for the South Jordan man as he won the top prize of $300,000 on the Idaho Lottery’s First Class Fortune Scratch Game which was purchased at Top Stop Chevron in Malad.

“It was the last one I played,” said Smith.  “I got it out of the vending machine.  I couldn’t really believe it.  It was Friday afternoon and the lady working in the store told me I didn’t have time to make it to Boise, so I drove home with the ticket worth $300,000 in my car.”

IMG_1258_editAfter a long weekend, Smith returned to Idaho on Monday and claimed his prize from the Idaho Lottery.

“It’s a life changer,” admitted Smith who plans to pay down his mortgage with his winnings.  “As I get older, having more time is important, so paying off the mortgage is a step in that direction.”

This is the final top prize in the game First Class Fortune.  This game has a second-chance entry where players enter non-winning First Class Fortune tickets on-line at or through tele-entry at 208-334-4656 for a chance to win four first class airline tickets from any single, major domestic international airport to any major international airport destination in the world. The prize also includes $10,000 cash, after withholding taxes are paid, to spend upon arrival.  The final time players may enter the second-chance draw is Monday, May 4, 2015 at 12:00 p.m. (noon) Mountain Time.

For their part in selling the winning ticket, Top Stop Chevron in Malad receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery of $20,000.

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Burley Couple Wins Weekly Grand Jackpot!

Kathryn Wayland and her husband play all the Idaho Lottery Draw Games twice a week and only one ticket at a time. Saturday evening, their ticket won the jackpot prize of $1,000 a week, every week, after withholding taxes are paid, for an entire year.

IMG_1261_edit“On Sunday, my husband checked his tickets to the numbers from last Saturday night on the Lottery’s website when he started yelling ‘All the numbers matched up!  All the numbers matched up!’” described Kathryn on how they discovered they held the jackpot winner. “I yelled back to him, ‘You just want to win so badly, you think they matched up!’  Then he showed me the ticket and the website. Turns out he was right!”

Kathryn Wayland and her husband recently made some major, costly renovations to their home in Burley. They plan on paying off the home improvement loan with their winnings, then saving the rest.

The Wayland’s bought their winning ticket at Smith’s Food and Drug in Burley.  For their part in selling the winning ticket, Smith’s receives a bonus of $7,738.

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New Draw Game Update, “Lucky For A While”!

Today, we unveiled the latest updates to the newest, most popular draw game in Idaho, including a brand new game name change.  “Lucky for a While” allows players the flexibility of occasional draws and top prize jackpot amounts that pay $1,000 a day…for a while, length to be determined by random number generator at the time of the claim.  Players are encouraged to purchase tickets with regularity due to the irregular, random nature of the draw schedules. A winner is almost guaranteed every draw!


“Draws could occur hourly, daily, or once in a blue moon,” said unnamed officials close to the program. “There could be a draw today, tomorrow, Friday, or twice in one day. We believe the unknown time and date of the next draw that could produce the next winner will add to the game’s excitement.”

Lucky For A While
wwwwwLucky Ball
$1,000 A WEEK FOR A WHILE* ‡ 1:30,821,472
$25,000 a year for a while* ‡ 1:1,813,028
$5,000* 1:143,356
$200 1:8,433
$150 1:3,413
$20 1:201
$25 1:250
$3 1:15
$6 1:50
$4 1:32

“We’ve conducted extensive research on the subject of winning Lucky for a While, and have found that all of our winners purchased at least one ticket prior to the next draw,” added officials. “Add to this, the random length for which a player could win $1,000, well, it’s certain to be a big winner for everyone!”

Good luck, Idaho!

(April Fools)

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Family Game Night Turns Into $50,000 Top Prize Win!

IMG_1224_editCongratulations to Shane George of Blackfoot for claiming the first top prize on the Idaho Lottery’s Scratch Game $50,000 Taxes Paid!  George claimed the prize with his family in tow at Idaho Lottery offices on Wednesday.  He said the family was enjoying a game night that included a few Scratch tickets when the top prize winner was discovered.  He added the family plans to buy a vehicle for their daughter and share the winnings among everyone else.

George received all $50,000 from the game as the Idaho Lottery paid the State and Federal withholding taxes on the top prize. The winning ticket was sold at the Short Stop in Blackfoot. For their part in selling the winning ticket, Short Stop receives a $5,000 bonus. One top prize on $50,000 Taxes Paid remains available in the game.

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