Meridian Woman Claims $300,000 Top Prize; Lottery Pays out $600,000 on Three Tickets to Meridian Winners in a Week

BOISE, Idaho – Karen Stoneberg capped off a busy week of large winners at the Idaho Lottery Friday morning when she claimed a $300,000 winning ticket on the Scratch GameTM First Class Fortune.  Stoneberg stopped at Fast Eddy’s on Ten Mile in Meridian on her way to work and purchased the ticket.

IMG_1024_FB“I scratched the ticket in the parking lot and when I saw it was $300,000, I ran back inside and had them check to make sure I wasn’t crazy!” described Stoneberg.  “I´ve been very lucky with this game. I’ve won $100 and $200 prizes regularly, but I never expected to actually win the top prize of $300,000!”

Within an hour, Stoneberg had found her way to Lottery offices in Boise to claim her prize. She plans to use her winnings to buy her first home, a truck, and help her daughter with some bills.  She becomes the 76th player in Idaho Lottery history to win at least $300,000.  For their part in selling the winning ticket, Fast Eddy’s receives a bonus of $20,000.

Stoneberg was the third six-figure winner this week from tickets that were all sold in Meridian.  On Tuesday, Kenneth Jones of Nampa stopped at the Jacksons on Eagle and I-84 in Meridian with his daughter for lunch.

“We got a car wash then stopped in for a cheeseburger, a fish and fry, and a couple of Scratch tickets,” described Jones. “We left with $200,000!”

Jones’ ticket was the second Winter Wonders Scratch ticket in the first pack distributed byIMG_1018_FB that Jacksons location.  Tickets had gone on sale earlier that morning.  The first ticket was bought by his daughter.  She and her dad split the top winning prize.

“I’ve played scratch tickets all over the country, in every state, but I like Idaho’s the best!” exclaimed Jones when he claimed his winning ticket.

For their part in selling the winning ticket, Jacksons received a bonus from the Idaho Lottery of $20,000.

IMG_1011On Monday, Sandy Pickrel of Nampa won $100,000 on the new draw game Idaho Bingo. She bought her ticket at Winco Foods, also in Meridian.

“This has been a very lucky week for winners in Meridian,” said David Workman, Idaho Lottery Public Information Specialist.  “On Monday we had a $100,000 winner, on Tuesday we had a $200,000 winner and on Friday we had a $300,000 winner. I can’t recall a time when we’ve had this many six-figure winners in a single week, let alone from the same town.”


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Return to Sender: Portland Woman Claims $50,000 Prize by Mail

At 99.92% sold through, for the past several weeks, the Idaho Lottery has been waiting and wondering who, if anyone might be holding the last top prize of $50,000 on the $5 Bonus Play Cashword Scratch GameTM.  Dedicated Lottery players have been canvasing Idaho and every retail location looking for any available tickets to purchase and the location of the final top prize on the game. Today, the winner was identified and the ticket was formally presented for payment.  The story of the winning ticket, although unbelievable, is true.

Last June, Mary Fahlman of Portland, Oregon was visiting her daughter who lives in Post Falls, Idaho.  She bought a $5 Bonus Play Cashword ticket from the Jifi Stop on Appleway in Coeur d’Alene.  Fast forward to mid-July when Mary believed she had a $1,000 winning ticket on her hands.  She obtained a claim form from the Idaho Lottery’s website and completed her paper work.  In early September, she finally mailed her claim forms, photocopy of photo identification, and signed winning ticket to the Lottery in Boise for payment.  There was only one minor hiccup.

She forgot to put postage on the envelope.


A month later, the envelope, with its contents still intact was “Returned to Sender,” back to Mary’s residence in Portland with a bright red stamp that read “Postage Due” and listing the amount owed.

Realizing her error, and still believing she’d only won $1,000, Mary put her claim forms, photocopy of photo identification, and signed winning ticket into a new envelope and took it to the United States Post Office where she sent it to the Idaho Lottery in Boise by Registered Mail.   The winning ticket arrived in Boise on October 9, 2014.

$50,000_BONUS PLAY CASHWORD_Idaho LotteryUnaware she had won a much larger sum than $1,000, Lottery officials contacted Mary to find out the story of one of the most sought after tickets in Idaho and to let her know her good fortune.  After hearing the ticket’s odyssey (at least 2,000 miles traveled through three states), Lottery officials informed her that it was a remarkable trek for a ticket that was not worth $1,000.  Notably, Mary was disappointed until Lottery officials informed her winning ticket was the top prize of $50,000.

“OH MY HEAVENS! I’M OVERWHELMED!” exclaimed Mary, “My goodness gracious.  This is the most wonderful news I’ve heard. That was the best $6 I ever spent!”

Mary plans to put the winnings into her savings account while she decides what to do with her new found windfall.  For selling the winning ticket, Jifi Stop in Coeur d’Alene receives a bonus of $5,000.

And for all their work, the United States Postal Service received $6.59 in postage due and sincere gratitude.

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BINGO is her Game-O! Nampa Woman Claims $100,000 Idaho Bingo Jackpot

BOISE, Idaho – Sandy Pickrel, Nampa, started playing the Idaho Lottery’s new Draw Game, Idaho Bingo about two weeks ago.  Her rationale? “Bingo is just fun!”  That enthusiasm paid off when Pickrel became the Idaho Lottery’s first ever Idaho Bingo jackpot winner of $100,000 on a ticket she purchased at Winco Foods in Meridian.


Pickrel usually checks her numbers on-line at the Lottery’s website. After doing so Thursday night, she thought she’d won maybe $50, so she took the ticket back to Winco Foods on Friday afternoon for them to check it. They did, had her sign the ticket immediately, and told her to take the ticket to the Lottery office.

“I won the Lottery, I won the Lottery, I won the flippin’ Lottery!” exclaimed Pickrel.

After keeping the ticket safe for the weekend, Pickrel brought the ticket to Boise on Monday afternoon, still in a state of disbelief.  It wasn’t until she was handed her big winning check that the realization that she had won truly set in.

“I still don’t believe it,” said the life-long Treasure Valley native. “I’m going to pay some debts then help my daughters with this.  This is amazing. Bingo is definitely my game!”

For their part in selling the winning ticket, Winco Foods receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery of $10,000.

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BINGO IDAHO! Idaho Bingo and Weekly Grand Record Jackpot Winners; Both Tickets Sold in Ada County

BOISE, Idaho – For the first time in Idaho Lottery history, there were two jackpot winners on two different Idaho-only Draw Games in the same night.  Both winning tickets, one on Weekly Grand and the other on the new Idaho Bingo, were sold at different Idaho Lottery retail locations in Ada County.   This is the first $100,000 winner for Idaho Bingo, a new game that launched just six weeks ago.  Weekly Grand pays its winner $1,000 a week after withholding taxes every week for an entire year. This is the twentieth jackpot winner in three years for Weekly Grand.

“Our players enjoy Idaho-only jackpot games and last night’s two jackpot winners have created some excitement in the Treasure Valley,” said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director.  “We are asking everyone who played Idaho Bingo and Weekly Grand to check their tickets carefully for winners and sign them before presenting them for payment.  In the case of Idaho Bingo, their ticket is unique in that the winning pattern is in the shape of diamond.”

Winning numbers for Idaho Bingo can be found on the Idaho Lottery’s website at:  In the game, the Lottery selects 30 numbers from a pool of 75.  The jackpot winning ticket for Idaho Bingo has matched at least 12 numbers. Players can also check their tickets for winners using the Idaho Lottery’s Check-a-Ticket app or by visiting an Idaho Lottery retail location.


No one has contacted the Idaho Lottery to claim the $100,000 jackpot prize for Idaho Bingo.

By mid-Thursday morning, William Ross of Meridian had claimed the Weekly Grand jackpot prize.  The winning ticket was sold at the Albertsons on Cherry Lane in Meridian.

Ross, who recently moved to Idaho with his wife to be closer to family, won the jackpot on the first ticket he ever purchased on Weekly Grand from a Winstation vending machine.

IMG_1005“I checked the numbers first thing this morning and realized I’d matched all five. I got excited, told my wife, even our dog got excited!” described Ross on finding out that he held the winning ticket.

Being new to Idaho, Ross did not realize that withholding taxes on Weekly Grand are paid on behalf of the winner and that each check each week would come for $1,000.

“Really? Seriously?” Ross questioned Lottery Officials. “Wow. Holy cow.  I’m totally blown away! Thank you and God bless.”

For their part in selling the winning Weekly Grand ticket, Albertsons receives a $7,738 bonus from the Idaho Lottery.

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Late Night Shift Lands Mullan Woman $200,000

BOISE, Idaho – As a matter of routine, Kathie Spiegler usually reinvests her lottery winnings from her Scratch tickets into new tickets. Last Thursday, Kathie found herself with two, $10 winning tickets.  As she finished her shift for the night at Harvest Foods in Wallace, she kept to her usual practice and cashed them at an Idaho Lottery Winstation vending machine and bought a $20, $200,000 Super Cashword ticket.

Kathie Spiegler_Idaho Lottery

“I tried to scan the $20 ticket to see if it was a winner at a gas station on my way home, but it was late and the store was closed so I couldn’t have it checked,” explained Kathie.

When she scratched the ticket in her car, she thought she had matched nine lines and had won $5,000.  Overjoyed with excitement, she called her husband Justin from the gas station and told him they had won $5,000! When she got home, she showed him the ticket.  Justin looked it over and realized she had matched ten lines which was a $200,000 winner.

“This couldn’t have come at a better time and we are so thankful, it will truly be life changing,” said Kathie.

“You know what the government doesn’t make?” Justin asked Kathie when they claimed their prize in Boise. “A $200,000 bill.  But the Idaho Lottery does!”

With a family of six, Kathie and Justin said their main goal right now is to make a down payment on a larger home.  For their part in selling the winning ticket, Harvest Foods receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery of $20,000.

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Hard Working Man Wins $50,000 on Labor Day

Cory Hollingsworth, Ririe, works hard as a truck driver for a mining company that operates about eight months out of the year in Nevada. He drives his 80,000 pound truck (that’s unloaded – it’s 250,000 pounds loaded) two weeks on and then one week off.  His one week off began the Saturday of Labor Day weekend when he returned home to his family in Ririe.  Along with the extended weekend visit, Hollingsworth claimed the first $50,000 top prize in the Idaho Lottery’s Scratch GameTM Flamingo Slingo the day after Labor Day.  The ticket was purchased at the Maverik in Ririe.


“I’d won $15 on a Flamingo Slingo ticket I bought from another store in Ririe,” explained Hollingsworth on how he came by his winning ticket on Labor Day afternoon. “I sent my wife into the Maverik to buy me two more of the same game plus get herself a $5 cashword ticket with the winnings.  When I started playing the first one, I thought it was just a $1,000 winner. Then I went back and counted the lines again and I said to my wife, ‘Hey babe, I think I have a blackout. I think I won $50,000!’ You just don’t ever think this is going to happen to you.”

The Hollingsworth’s are weighing their options on what to do with their winnings.  For their part in selling the winning ticket, Maverik receives a bonus of $5,000 from the Idaho Lottery.

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Coeur d’Alene Woman Wins $100,000 Scratch Game Prize

BOISE, Idaho – Lynn Wallace could not believe her eyes when she realized she had scratched and won $100,000 on the Idaho Lottery’s $200,000 Super Cashword Scratch Game in the middle of August.  And while disbelief is common among winners when they first realize they’re holding a large winning ticket, Wallace kept calm and returned to Fairway Gas & Grocery in Coeur d’Alene where she bought her ticket to have the clerks verify her winnings. They did and told her she needed to visit Boise and Lottery headquarters to claim her prize.


“I signed the ticket and put it some place safe and secret until I could get to Boise,” explained Wallace when she visited the Idaho Lottery’s offices in Boise nearly two weeks later to claim her prize.  So secret in fact that she would not disclose the location, even after the ticket was paid. “It’s very secret.”

A long-time northern Idaho resident, Wallace said she cashed in a winning ticket and used those winnings to help her purchase the $200,000 Super Cashword ticket. “I only buy a couple tickets a week,” she added.

Wallace’s $100,000 winning ticket is not the top prize on the Scratch Game $200,000 Super Cashword.  Both $200,000 top prizes on this game remain unclaimed.

Wallace works in the Coeur d’Alene School District and wants to retire in a few years. She said her winnings will help add to her retirement. For their part in selling the winning ticket, Fairway Gas & Grocery receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery of $10,000.

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