Brian LaCasse of Meridian might have had the happiest Thanksgiving of anyone in Idaho this year.  LaCasse is a regular Idaho Lottery player and he won the Weekly Grand jackpot on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving from a ticket he almost didn’t buy.

WeeklyGrandWinner_Brian LaCasse“I play my own numbers over and over. I don’t like to miss a draw because you’re always worried your numbers will come up,” explained LaCasse on his decision to buy his ticket at the Maverik in Meridian on Cherry Lane.  “I had just closed my landscaping business for the year because it was snowing pretty good and I debated whether I wanted to go to the store to buy my tickets for Wednesday night or not.”

Ultimately he decided to venture out into the cold and snow to buy his tickets.  Normally an early riser, LaCasse was up by 4 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning and checked his tickets on the Idaho Lottery’s website.  He couldn’t believe what he saw.

“At first I thought I’d won $200. Then I noticed I the other number, too,” added LaCasse.  “I told my wife and that was it. We had two Thanksgiving dinners to go to and I just sat and smiled and smiled through both of them.”

LaCasse claimed his winning ticket the Friday after Thanksgiving. He will receive $1,000 a week every week for a year, with the withholding taxes paid for by the Idaho Lottery.  LaCasse said he plans to pay off some bills and maybe take his fishing boat somewhere warm to fish during the winter until his business starts up next spring.

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Greenline Slingo Day – One of the Most Unique Days Ever in Idaho Lottery History!

Maria Garcia from Firth and Michael Hirschi from Pocatello have never met and do not know each other, yet on November 23, 2015 the two eastern Idaho residents’ paths became inexpiably intertwined to create one of the most unique days ever for the Idaho Lottery. 

Late yesterday morning Hirschi arrived at the Idaho Lottery offices holding a $50,000 winning Greenline Slingo ticket he purchased from the Common Cents store on Jefferson in Pocatello the Saturday before. At the time, Greenline Slingo was over 92% sold and had two outstanding top prizes left.  Hirschi claimed the first one.

“I bought it Saturday morning when I went to my local store for a cup of coffee to help get me going for the day,” explained Hirschi on his winning purchase.  “I played it, didn’t believe it, so I set it aside and watched a little college football and woke up. Then I checked it again.  I still don’t believe it.”

A few hours later, Garcia arrived in Boise at Idaho Lottery headquarters holding the second Greenline Slingo $50,000 winning ticket, one she had purchased last week before from the Hard Times 1 store in Firth. Garcia held on to the ticket for several days, carrying it unscratched in her purse until Saturday before she remembered she had the ticket.

“At first I thought it was only a couple of lines, but then I started looking at it and looking at it.  I checked it at the store and wow!” described Garcia.  “I had been carrying around a ticket worth $50,000 and didn’t even know it.”

And although claiming their prizes was separated by a few hours, both said exactly the same thing about what their intentions were for their winnings.  They plan to pay off some bills and celebrate Christmas well.

When Garcia claimed her ticket, it officially ended the game.

Congratulations Maria Garcia and Michael Hirschi for making November 23, 2015 Greenline Slingo Day!

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50,000th Raffle Ticket – IT’S ALL ABOUT THE NUMBER!

36, 66, 86, 89, 94 and 50! No, those aren’t Powerball numbers, they’re much too large. Those are Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle ticket numbers. 049936, 049966, 049986, 049989, 049994, 050000! Samantha Preece and her boyfriend love the Idaho Lottery and have been enjoying the 25,000th promotion since it began. 


“We just barely missed the first one by 51, with ticket number 025051,” said Preece. Both were very confident that it was only a matter of time until they were going to hit one of the 25,000th Raffle numbers. 

“We were at opposite parts of town; I was at Jacksons on Ustick Rd and Maple Grove Rd in Boise and he was at Maverik. We had it all planned out.  While we were on the phone together, we would keep checking the Idaho Lottery screen, letting one another know the updated number, and when the ticket number went over 049900, we would start purchasing our Raffle tickets!” Samantha had $60 on her, so if she used it all up before the 50,000th ticket then she’d just have to wait until the 75,000th. 

“The first ticket I purchased was 049936 and I had the clerk continue to print out tickets one after the other. The second ticket was then produced, probably 2-3 second later, and it had already jumped 30 tickets to 049966. We were still on the phone at this point, discussing the tickets that were coming up and the updated Raffle number on the Lottery screen,” said Preece. “The most amazing thing to me, was that there was literally no one else in the store when I was buying tickets; I had the place to myself!”

Another ticket printed, 049986, 20 tickets had passed that time. Then, 049989, followed by 049994.

“I remember being surprised that those two tickets were so close together, given that the previous tickets jumped 20 and 30. Then, the final $10 I had, the clerk printed out the final Raffle ticket and it was ticket number 050000!” exclaimed Samantha.

Samantha and her boyfriend plan to play for ticket number 075000 and for the remainder of the 25,000th Raffle promotion.

Congrats to Samantha Preece from Boise, Idaho who purchased the winning $1,000 50,000th Raffle ticket at Jacksons on Ustick Rd and Maple Grove Rd in Boise. 

Who’s going to get ticket # 075000?

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$1,000,000 Winning Powerball Ticket from Bonner County Claimed by Mail

BOISE, Idaho – It all comes down to trust.  Trust, faith, and integrity in the system by those who use it.   Mailing in winning Idaho Lottery tickets is a common practice for many players who live in northern Idaho.  The Idaho Lottery, though had never received a ticket worth $1,000,000 through the US Postal Service until last week when a regular player from Sandpoint did what he’s done every other month for many years – mail in a batch of winning tickets, both Scratch and Draw Games, for payment.

Randy Branum is Idaho’s newest millionaire. The long-time Sandpoint resident claimed the $1,000,000 winning Powerball ticket from the September 23, 2015 draw via the US mail.  He received his actual winning check, along with the large oversized souvenir check, from the Idaho Lottery during a press event at the Waterfront Express Conoco in Sandpoint where he purchased his ticket.

“I usually wait a month or two, sign all the tickets I have, and then mail them in,” explained Branum, a retired contractor who usually checks carefully for winners. “This time I had two or three tickets left and just signed them and sent them off. I figured there might be some $7 winners in there.” 

When the package arrived at the Idaho Lottery, the tickets were verified for winners by Idaho Lottery Security.  That’s when they discovered the $1,000,000 winning ticket from back in September signed by Branum.  The Idaho Lottery immediately contacted Branum.

“When they called, I thought I’d maybe won the Bronco Bowl Bash, the trip to see Boise State’s Bowl Game this year,” said Branum of the initial call from Idaho Lottery Security.  “Instead they told me I’d won $1,000,000. I couldn’t talk.”

$1,000,000 Idaho Lottery Powerball Winners_Branum's

Branum told his wife, Colleen, the news. Still in disbelief, the couple called the Lottery back.

“I was convinced it was a friend of ours playing a hoax on us,” said Colleen, a retired school principal.  “Once we talked to everyone at the Lottery again, though, well, I guess Santa’s coming early this year.” 

“I put my faith in the Idaho Lottery and the US mail that when I send my tickets, they are going to a safe place,” said Branum about the Idaho Lottery’s integrity.  “I trusted them with a $1,000,000 winning ticket and they were honest about it.” 

“This is truly a windfall, a gift, holy cow,” exclaimed Branum.  “You work hard, you pay your bills. It’s something you never think is going to happen and then it does. It’s exciting to play and win.” 

“We’re going to enjoy this,” added Colleen.  “We might celebrate and go for sushi. And maybe buy some new tires for Randy’s truck.”

The couple will celebrate 50 years being together and their 47th wedding anniversary at the end of November.  Branum added the couple already has plans to invest their winnings and enjoy their retirement.

“We can live to be 90 now,” said Branum.  “And, I’m going to keep on mailing in my winning tickets.”


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Sometimes luck is being in the right place at the right time, and often luck is what you make of it.  For Blake Smith of Boise, both of these rang true as he collected the Idaho Lottery’s first $1,000 prize on the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle.

25000th Raffle Winner 2015

“I was checking my Powerball numbers on the Idaho Lottery website Tuesday night when I noticed a photo for the 25000th promotion on the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle,” said Blake.  He clicked on the Raffle photo on the Powerball website, which took him to the main Raffle page. “The raffle counter was somewhere between 22,000 and 23,000 tickets sold, so I decided I’d pick up a ticket the following evening after work.”

When Blake finished work and was on his way home, he stopped at the Jacksons on Overland and Entertainment Way in Boise. Blake noticed that the line was long at the counter, so he decided to get his ticket from the red Idaho Lottery vending machine. “I had $40 on me, so I put $10 in to purchase a Raffle ticket. The number was 024988. I was excited and in shock at the same time. I was so close! I quickly put the other $30 I had in the machine and quickly pressed the Raffle button to print out tickets as fast as possible. Ticket number two, 024991, ticket number three, 024995, and the final ticket I purchased was 025000,” exclaimed Smith!

Blake has played the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle for several years and usually buys around 10 tickets throughout the sale of Raffle. “This is the most I’ve ever won on the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle.  I’ll definitely continue to buy Raffle tickets, along with participating in the ongoing 25,000th promotion.” 

Blake recently bought a home and plans to use his winnings toward a new fence.

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Super Secret $5,000 Giveaway Winner!

“I’ve been playing the Idaho Lottery since it began in 1989, and I’ve played Raffle since it started,” said Edward Krause of Nampa! Edward is a loyal VIP Club member and has been for years. He received an email from the Idaho Lottery for the Super Secret $5,000 Giveaway when the promotion began. He bought his ticket on October 22 and entered it into the second chance drawing.

Super Secret $5,000 Raffle Giveaway Winner

“I thought about buying another ticket, but I guess one is all I needed. I’ll definitely be buying more as the game goes on!”

“Aside from winning the $5,000, I’m most excited about going to the senior center tonight. Tonight we’re playing pinochle and each person puts in $1 to play. There’s about 30 of us, so I’m going to get 30 $1 bills and pay for everyone’s first round. I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces!”

Congrats to Edward for winning the Super Secret $5,000 Giveaway! If you’re not already a VIP Club member, be sure to sign up TODAY for promotions, exclusive VIP Sweepstakes prizes, Idaho Lottery news and so much more: https://vip.idaholottery.com/

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$50,000 Powerball Winner Says Picking Your Own Numbers Is “The Way To Go”

Do you pick your own numbers or do a quick pick?

Carol Sullivan of New Meadows, ID was making a routine grocery trip to pick up some groceries with her husband. “I mainly went into town to pick up some greens at Paul’s Market​ in McCall. However, I looked over and saw the Lottery tv screen which said the #Powerball jackpot was at $127 million and decided to pick up a 5 line ticket,” said Carol.

“I thought to myself, with $127 million, I could set up all my kids and grandkids for life; ok, I’ll get a ticket.”

$50,000 Powerball WinnerCarol often jokes with her husband who plays the Idaho Lottery every so often, saying, “why do you choose the quick pick, picking your own numbers is the way to go!”

This time, Carol’s choice to pick her own numbers paid off in a big way! The first two numbers were chosen by the age of two of her grandchildren, the next two numbers were the year she was born and her age, the final number was the age of her other grandson. Then, to finish it out, her lucky number is 7, so that made the Powerball.

If only her grandson were a year younger, she would have hit the jackpot of $127 million!

The Sullivan’s are more than happy to have won $50,000, especially given that this is only Carol’s 3rd time playing the Idaho Lottery. “What can I say, third times a charm!”

They plan to exchange their old Jeep Grand Cherokee for a newer model and save the rest of their winnings.

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