It’s one of the most competitive venues for Scratch for Schools in Idaho.  The event in Lewiston on the campus of Lewis-Clark State College brings out the best of the schools who compete for cash each fall. And this year, there was no let down from the 36 schools who participated. In the end, only one school would crowned “Fastest Scratching School in the Clearwater Region” and take home a total of 900 tickets.  And the margin was close.  McDonald Elementary from Moscow eked out the win over Prairie High School from Cottonwood by just three tickets, 219 to 216.  Lewiston High School finished third with 206 tickets scratched over the five minute final period.  Any one of the three would have won any of the other Scratch for Schools venues in Idaho this year.  McDonald Elementary though was the big winner for the night, claiming $539 in prizes, tops in the State this year.  Here is a look at the results from all the Scratch for Schools competitions this fall:sfschart.jpg



$100,000 Winner on Jewels Super Ticket!

The first top prize on the Scratch Game Jewels Super Ticket has been claimed! Justin Gebhard stopped in the Maverik on State Street in Garden City to buy a few things. Before leaving the store, he bought and played a Jewels Super Ticket Scratch ticket and 


could not believe his eyes. “I just kept scratching zero after zero, and then my heart dropped. I had won $100,000,” explained Gebhard! 

Gebhard claimed his winning ticket late Wednesday afternoon at the Lottery Offices in Boise. He plans to use his winnings in a creative way and become a professional skydiver!

Idaho Lottery to Debut Patriotic-themed Draw Game Lotto America on Sunday!

BOISE, Idaho – The Idaho Lottery will introduce a new multi-million dollar jackpot game with a patriotic flare over the course of this coming Veteran’s Day Weekend.  Beginning on Sunday morning, November 12, 2017, sales for the new $1 Lotto America game will commence at all Idaho Lottery retail locations.  The first announced jackpot on Lotto America is estimated at $15 million. 

“We’re excited to bring our new Draw Game, Lotto America, with multi-million dollar jackpots to Idaho,” said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director. “Lotto America fits perfectly into our product line-up between our Idaho-only jackpot draw games Weekly Grand and Idaho Cash and the big jackpot games like Powerball and Mega Millions.  And best of all, for just a buck you can play for multi-million dollar prizes.”

The regular starting jackpot for Lotto America is intended to be $2 million.  However, since there was no jackpot winner on the recently retired multi-state lottery game Hot Lotto, the initial starting jackpot for Lotto America has been enhanced with the transferred funds and will be a $15 million annuity.

Tickets for Lotto America are $1 each. For an additional $1 per play, Lotto America has a multiplier feature – All Star Bonus – that multiplies non-jackpot prizes by two to five times.  In the game, players select and try to match five numbers from 1 to 52 and one Lotto America Star Ball numbered from 1 to 10.  Players may also select the quick pick option and they may elect to play for as many as ten draws in advance.

The overall odds of winning any prize on Lotto America are about 1 in 9.63, giving players better chances to win.

 Idaho will join twelve other jurisdictions when Lotto America launches this coming Sunday.  Draws for the game occur on Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 9:00 PM Mountain Time.  The first draw will be on Wednesday, November 15, 2017.

 For more information about Lotto America, visit

Our Early Bird $10,000 Winner is…!

Michael Caliendo says he’s always had a little bit of luck playing the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle.   This year, his first-day purchase of Raffle tickets paid off with $10,000!   Michael was this year’s winner of the $10,000 Early Bird Raffle promotion.

23172522_10155968995558826_9153434073186920828_n “This is very cool!” exclaimed Michael when he claimed his prize during his lunch break.  “I bought my tickets and thought twice about entering my voucher, but eventually did via the telephone.  When they called to tell me I’d won, I thought it was someone playing a joke.”

This was no joke.  Congratulations Michael on winning $10,000!

Mountain Home Man Wins $300,000

BOISE, Idaho – Persistence in playing paid off for one Mountain Home man who won the final top prize of $300,000 on the Idaho Lottery Scratch Game VIP Black.  Richard Feldmeier started playing Lottery Scratch Games Tuesday afternoon with $15.  As he won prizes, he kept playing, and he kept winning.  After several winning tickets on a variety of games, he eventually had $50 that he used to buy two VIP Black Scratch tickets at the suggestion of his sister-in-law.


“I usually don’t play that game, but she talked me into it,” explained Feldmeier on his purchase.  “The first ticket was not a winner, but the second ticket was crazy. It was the big winner.  I thought I was going to faint.”

Feldmeier plans to pay-off his house that he recently purchased then put the remaining amount to good use for his family and community.  His winning ticket was sold at Key Mart Corner Store in Mountain Home.  Feldmeier is the 96th player to win a prize of $300,000 or more and the largest winner from Mountain Home in Idaho Lottery history.

Weekly Grand Winner!

For the second time in four months, Ransom’s Country Store in Preston has sold a jackpot-winningIMG_2148.JPG ticket.  Long known for selling winning tickets to out-of-state visitors, Franklin County’s latest two big winners have both been sold to Preston residents. 

Shauna Iverson claimed the Idaho-only Weekly Grand jackpot from a ticket she bought for the September 13, 2017 draw. 

“I checked my ticket the next day and I noticed I had matched two numbers and thought, all right! I’ve won a free ticket.  Then I saw I had three numbers and got more excited because I’d won $25!” Iverson explained on how she checked her winning ticket.  “Then I saw I had the fourth number and realized I’d won $200!  When I saw I had matched all five numbers, I ran and told my husband that I’d won the Lottery!”

For winning the jackpot on Weekly Grand, the Idaho Lottery has paid the prize withholding taxes on Iverson’s behalf, meaning she’ll receive a check for $1,000 cash every week for the next year.

Emmett Man Claims $200,000 Winner!

BOISE, Idaho – Robert Johnson stopped in Don’s Market in Emmett to buy some gasoline and a couple of items he needed.  While paying, he noticed the store had a new Lottery Scratch Game, Regal Riches, in the counter display.

“I’d won $100 on the game already a couple of times, but didn’t buy one right then,” explained Johnson on his purchase. “I walked out of the store, then thought about it, turned around and went back in and bought one.”

That turned into a fortunate decision for Johnson who won $200,000. 

“I saw the stack of money bills symbols, and the $200,000 prize under it. My heart started pounding. I didn’t believe it. I even looked at it real close without my glasses to be sure,” said Johnson on discovering he had won the game’s first top prize.

Johnson claimed his winning ticket late on Tuesday afternoon at Lottery Offices in Boise.  He plans to invest his winnings.  Johnson is the third winner from Emmett to claim a prize of $200,000 in Idaho Lottery history.


Hot Lotto Game to End

BOISE, Idaho The Idaho Lottery has announced plans to end the Hot Lotto game.  After a decade of sales in Idaho, the Hot Lotto game will be retired by the Multi-State Lottery Association with its last draw occurring on October 28, 2017.

“Ending the Hot Lotto game was a decision reached by the member states who participate in the game,” said Anderson.  “In Idaho, we are charged with providing games that responsibly continue to grow our dividends for our beneficiaries.  As part of our business, we routinely replace games with new ones to keep our line-up fresh for our players. We support ending Hot Lotto at this time.”

Hot Lotto, a $1 game that offers Powerball-style play but with lower odds and jackpots starting at $1 million, got its start back in April 2002 and began sales in Idaho October 2007. The game is currently sold by 13 other U.S. lotteries as well as Idaho. This group is working on plans to introduce Lotto America, a new $1 draw game scheduled to debut in November of this year.

In anticipation of the game ending, September 27, 2017 is the last date a player will be able to purchase tickets for ten advance draws for Hot Lotto.  This number of advance draws will reduce by one draw as the end of the game nears.

Mega Millions Commemorates 15 Years with Game Enhancements

BOISE, Idaho – After seven years of success in Idaho, and fifteen years nationwide, the popular lottery draw game Mega Millions will undergo changes designed to bring additional value and excitement to its players.  The changes will begin with sales on October 28, 2017 and go into effect for the first draw which occurs on October 31, 2017. 

“Mega Millions is one of the top lottery games in the country,” said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director.  “Players prefer games with ever-larger jackpots, so the time was right nationally, and here in Idaho, to introduce these game enhancements.”

Mega Millions new enhancements will include:

  • Better overall odds of winning any prize.
  • Increased starting jackpots: The minimum starting jackpot more than doubles from $15 million to $40 million.
  • Bigger prizes: Players who match four numbers and the Mega Ball will have their prize increased from $5,000 to $10,000 and up to $50,000 with the 5x on the Megaplier feature.  If a player matches three numbers plus the Mega Ball they win $200. And all lower tier prizes will double.
  • Players will select their first five numbers from a set of 70 numbers, and then one Mega Ball from a set of 25 numbers.
  • New Price: Beginning October 28, 2017, Mega Millions will be $2 per play; $3 per play with the Megaplier feature.

 “Over the past few years, we’ve listened to our players who ask for more million dollar winning experiences while keeping the opportunity to play for bigger jackpots,” said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director. “These game changes will provide more winning experiences and bring more value to our players.”

 In anticipation of these changes, players who purchase ten advance draws will see fewer to purchase as the game approaches the change on October 28.  The last draw players will have the opportunity to purchase tickets for up to ten draws in advance for Mega Millions is Tuesday, September 26, 2017. The advance ten draw feature for Mega Millions will be restored when the game changes beginning on October 28, 2017.

These game changes only apply to Mega Millions.  Powerball remains unchanged.

For additional Mega Millions game information, visit this site:


Mega Millions began on August 31, 1996, as The Big Game. The first drawing occurred on September 6, 1996, with six states participating: Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and Virginia. In May 2002, The Big Game was given the new name of “Mega Millions.” On January 31, 2010, 23 more state lotteries, including Idaho, were granted permission to license and sell Mega Millions in their jurisdiction.  Mega Millions is now played in 46 jurisdictions: 44 states plus the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  In January 2011, Idaho split a winning Mega Millions jackpot with Washington; with Idaho’s winner claiming $190 million – second largest in Idaho Lottery history.  Today, Mega Millions holds the record for the third and fourth largest jackpots in United States history.


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