$2 Gets You $10,000

In St. Maries, Idaho on the summer solstice, there are about eight hours of official darkness.  Resident Taylor Schremser managed to drive his family to Boise from St. Maries during most of those hours after discovering he had a $10,000 winning ticket on the Idaho Lottery’s $2 Scratch Game, Sizzlin’ Beach Bucks.

Taylor Schremser

The family arrived in Boise first thing on Friday, June 22 and claimed the first $10,000 prize in the game.

“That’s pretty good.  Two dollars gets you ten-thousand!” exclaimed an exhilarated yet still sleepy Schremser.

The young family wants to replace his wife’s car and put money down on a house with their winnings.  The winning ticket was sold at Archie’s IGA in St. Maries.  For selling the winning ticket, Archie’s receives a $1,000 bonus.

Sizzlin’ Summer Winners

Congratulations to all of the winners from the Sizzlin’ Summer promotion.  Each winner received a Renegade Elite Traeger Grill, a Yeti 45 cooler with a Yeti 4 lb ice block, and 15 pounds of beef from Idaho’s-own Double R Ranch.

Continue to celebrate summer with the Sizzlin’ family of games, $1 Sizzlin’ Grill Money, $2 Sizzlin’ Beach Bucks, and $5 Sizzlin’ Campfire Cash.

5/30/18 Winner: Belinda Fisher, Lewiston

6/6/18 Winner: Deborah Longfellow, Lewiston

6/13/18 Winner: Kevin Mee, Meridian

6/20/18 Winner: Joyce Bailey, Boise

6/27/18 Winner: Crystal Gant, Nampa

7/3/18 Winner: Brittany Watkins, Sagle

And congratulations to all the Idahoans who visited one of the twenty-six Wooh Crew events hosted by Maverik Stores around the State.  Prizes were won, t-shirts were unfrozen, and everyone had a great time!



Boise man wins $2,000,300 on Powerball after playing same numbers for 18 years

After playing the same numbers regularly for the last eighteen years, Michael Tran’s persistence paid off when he claimed a $2,000,300 Powerball prize from the June 10, 2018 draw from the Idaho Lottery.

“I scanned the ticket with my phone the night after the draw and it said I had to contact the Lottery office,” Tran said about how he discovered he had the big winning ticket. “Then I checked the numbers for Saturday night and they looked very familiar!”

Michael Tran

After playing the same numbers for eighteen years, seeing the same numbers as those drawn for Saturday night’s draw was a real surprise.  Tran’s ticket matched the first five numbers but not the Powerball on one line of his ticket, and four of the first five numbers but not the Powerball on another.   His ticket also had the PowerPlay feature.  The PowerPlay for that night’s draw was 3, which applies to the line that matched four of the first numbers, turning his $100 winner into a $300 winner.  For the line where he matched the first five numbers, that prize amount is always $2,000,000 with PowerPlay, making his ticket worth $2,000,300.

The winning ticket Tran purchased was from the Winco Foods store located on Fairview Avenue in Boise.   For selling the winning ticket, Winco Foods receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery for $25,000.   Tran plans to pay off his house and save the rest of his winnings.


News Around the Nation

Small Town Man Becomes Big Time Winner

New Jersey Lottery Acting Executive Director John M. White recently announced Tayeb Souami of Little Ferry in Bergen County as the sole winner of the Saturday, May 19, 2018 Powerball Jackpot.

Mr. Souami had the only jackpot winning ticket for the May 19th Powerball drawing, making him New Jersey’s newest “MULTI” millionaire. He has elected to take the cash option with a payout of $183.2 million.

This winner has been playing the Lottery for 21 years and is a regular shopper at the Shoprite of Hackensack where the ticket was purchased. The winning ticket was a Quick Pick. Mr. Souami said his son had been urging him for years to stop playing the Lottery because he believed his dad would never win. Definitely, this is one time “father knew best.”

Mr. Souami didn’t check the ticket until the next day, Sunday, when he stopped by another store that happened to be a Lottery retailer.

He scanned the ticket and the screen displayed a message instructing him to see the retailer.

After giving the ticket to the clerk, she scanned it and said, “Oh my God!” He asked the clerk what he won and she said, “It’s big.” Mr. Souami asked, “How big?” She replied, “VERY big.” Mr. Souami thought maybe it was the $50,000 prize, but then he saw the validation slip and it said “Jackpot.” He knew then that he had won a LOT of money; his heart was racing and he was shaking so much that it took him four tries to fill out the claim form.

Husband’s Surprise During ‘Rough Patch’ Turns Into $50,000

Many husbands enjoy surprising their wives with the occasional bouquet of flowers. But Melissa Carullo’s husband likes to mix it up with Lottery tickets to keep her on her toes. Call it luck or call it fate, but one thing is for sure: Her husband’s surprise Powerball tickets on May 16 paid off at the right time.

“We are down one income due to my husband’s work injury. He told me this might be the last Lottery tickets for a while,” the Gladstone resident said. “We have a fund set aside for fun stuff like this, and that’s what he uses for the flowers or Lottery tickets. But since his injury, we knew that fund would have to go away, because we don’t have the money for that right now.”

Carullo’s husband was going out the next day to run an errand. She asked him to swing by Hy-Vee Gas where they purchased their Powerball tickets, and checked to see if any were winners. And there in the mix was a winning Powerball ticket worth $50,000.

“I really still feel in shock. It’s just not our luck,” said an excited Carullo. “We prayed about it – not winning the Lottery – but ‘Please give us something. It will help us pay bills to maintain our life with our two little ones during the time before he can go back to work.”

Carullo says she and her family are so thankful and feel extremely blessed. They hope to use some of what is left over after paying bills to put a down payment on a house, “a dream come true.” And they would like to take their two kids to Branson for a nice getaway.

“It’s incredible,” said Carullo. “The timing is great.”

$150 million Powerball ticket sold in Salem

An Oregon Lottery player matched all numbers drawn in Wednesday night’s $150.4 million Powerball® jackpot. The winning ticket was sold in Salem.

OR Logo

The specific store location is not available for release until after the ticket has been redeemed and validated at Lottery headquarters in Salem.

Winning numbers for draw date (June 20, 2018): 4 -14 – 23 – 27 – 56 and the power ball was 13

The Power Play multiplier was 2.

The winning Salem ticket was the only ticket sold to have the all the winning numbers. More than 6,800 winning tickets, with smaller prizes, were sold in Oregon during the June 20 draw.

A winner has one year from the date of the drawing to claim the prize. Oregon Lottery office hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Players have two jackpot prize payment options when claiming their Powerball tickets. One option is the “annuity” plan, under which Powerball jackpots provide the winner(s) with 30 annual payments.  Under the “cash” option, the winners(s) receives a one-time lump sum payment equal to approximately one-half the final jackpot. If the winner opts to take the lump sum, they can take home nearly $61.7 million after taxes. If the winner opts for the annuity option they will receive 30 graduated payments over 29 years. Federal withholding is 24 percent and state withholding is 8 percent.

In Oregon, the winner’s name, city, city of retailer, date of win, prize and game played are considered public information and will be released.

For additional information about the Powerball jackpot, please contact the Oregon Lottery Public Affairs the next business day at 503-540-1015.

Lottery officials recommend that you always sign the back of your tickets with each Oregon Lottery game you play, to ensure you can claim any prize you may win. In the event of winning a jackpot, players should consult with a trusted financial planner or similar professional to develop a plan for their winnings. Prize winners of more than $50,000 should contact the Lottery office to schedule an appointment to claim their prize.

Second-try Lucky!

 A Shelbyville man is $2 million richer after playing Powerball for just the second time ever.

Cabinet maker Matthew Reed claimed the winnings with his grandparents by his side at the Tennessee Lottery’s Nashville headquarters.

TN Winner

Reed purchased two tickets for the June 16 Powerball and added the Power Play option which doubled the base $1 million winning. Reed says he plans to keep working and use the money in investments and put it in savings.


The Idaho Pack

There’s one thing you can always count on: Idahoans love all things Idaho.  From the great outdoors to the arts, from an upbeat lifestyle of the urban landscape to the quiet tranquility of a pristine mountain lake, Idaho has something for everyone.  To celebrate our great State, the Idaho Lottery is offering you the opportunity to play Idaho’s very own Draw Games in one quick, easy to play bundle for just $5.  You will receive tickets good for the next draw for each of Idaho’s regular Draw Games including the growing jackpot game Idaho Cash, the pre-determined jackpot game Weekly Grand, and the next draw for the twice-daily Pick 3 Sum it up! game.

Be sure to ask for a $5 Idaho Pack when you visit your favorite store.

Here’s what each game as to offer players:


This is an Idaho-only Draw Game with a jackpot prize that begins at $20,000 and continues to grow until there is a winner.  Idaho Cash is played in similar fashion to other jackpot Draw Games. You select five numbers from 1 to 45. You receive two plays for $1. In the game, players try to match all five numbers correctly to win the jackpot prize. You may select your own numbers or ask for a quick pick. Drawings are held on Wednesday and Saturday nights, just like Powerball, Weekly Grand, and Lotto America. You may purchase tickets until 7:55 p.m. Mountain Time on the night of the draw.

In addition to the jackpot prize, there are other prizes in the game for matching winning numbers.

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 2.15.40 PM

If the jackpot is not won, prize funds will be added to the next drawing’s jackpot prize. If there is more than one jackpot winner for a draw, the jackpot prize will be divided equally among multiple winners. The jackpot prize is paid in a single lump-sum, cash payment.

Since launching in February 2017, there have been five jackpot winners on Idaho Cash. The average jackpot win is $111,800 with the record set at $147,000.


Weekly Grand is a traditional style Draw Game with a set jackpot prize of $52,000 paid out as $1,000 per week, every week for a year after withholding taxes are paid by the Idaho Lottery. In the game, you try to match 5 numbers correctly out of a pool of 32 numbers. Each play is $2. Drawings are held on Wednesday and Saturday nights, just like Powerball, Idaho Cash, and Lotto America. You may purchase tickets until 7:55 p.m. Mountain Time on the night of the draw.

In addition to the jackpot prize, there are other prizes in the game for matching winning numbers.

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 2.16.24 PM

Weekly Grand also has an added bonus feature.  All non-winning tickets are eligible for entry into the game’s second chance prize of $100 a week, every week for an entire year after withholding taxes are already paid by the Idaho Lottery.  This prize is drawn once monthly.

Since this game debuted in August 2011, there have been 37 jackpot winners and 82 second-chance winners.

$2 PICK 3 with SUM IT UP!

Idaho’s favorite twice daily game got an extra winning twist at the end of January 2016 when it added a new feature called Sum it up! for players to win extra cash.

The $2 Pick 3 Sum it up! in the bundle gives you a $1 Exact/Any Order 6-way quick pick with the $1 Sum it up! feature.  The time when you purchase the bundle will determine which Pick 3 draw the ticket is eligible for.  Exact/Any Order means if your numbers match the numbers drawn in the exact order, in any order, you win.

The Sum it up! feature is another way for you to win, even if your numbers on their ticket do not match the numbers for the draw.  If the sum of your Pick 3 numbers is the same as the sum of the three single-digit numbers drawn, you win.  For example, if your numbers are 1-2-3 your Sum it up! number for that draw is 6.  If the sum of the three numbers drawn also equals 6 you win (say, 0-1-5 or 2-2-2), whether you match your numbers or not.

Here is a breakdown of the prizes available for Sum it up!

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 2.13.04 PM

These prizes may be in addition to the regular prizes players won by playing Idaho Pick 3.  Sum it up! is available for both the day and evening draws of Idaho Pick 3.

Three great games, one easy bundle, one great price.  The $5 Idaho Pack, with the chance to win hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands in prizes!  Play Idaho Pack today!

Her “Usual” Pays Off

On May 31, the very next day, during her lunch break, Carol Ross went to the Jacksons at the corner of Pine and Eagle in Meridian where the clerk asked her if she wanted “her usual” – an Idaho Jackpot and a Big Money Jackpot ticket.

“I knew the jackpot had been won recently, but did not realize it had been won yesterday,” said Ross.  “Still, when asked if I wanted the usual I said yes. I guess now the usual comes with a $5,373 winning jackpot!”

Carol Ross

A teacher, Ross plans to pay off some bills and have a little fun with her winnings once summer vacation begins.

“I can’t retire on it.  Not yet, anyway,” said a hopeful Ross.


They arrived at the Lottery only a few minutes apart. Complete strangers who live maybe a dozen miles from each other nearly 300 miles away in another state.  Hyrum Haworth and Brittany Sessions both found themselves in the Idaho Lottery’s winner lobby about mid-day one Monday.  Haworth held a winning Huckle-buried Treasure scratch ticket worth $30,000 while Brittany held a winning Macho Nacho scratch ticket worth $50,000.

Brittany Sessions

“I think I saw you at the rest area near Bliss,” laughed Haworth.  “We could have carpooled.”

Haworth was visiting the Boise metro area over the weekend, attending an event with his wife near Payette.  His ticket was purchased from Jacksons on Eagle Road near the I-84 interchange.  Even though the couple new the ticket was a winner, they returned to Utah on Sunday so Haworth’s wife could return to work on Monday while Haworth drove back to Boise to claim the prize.

Hyrum Haworth

Before making a second round trip back to Utah in as many days, Haworth said he plans to pay off some bills with his winnings, including for a motorbike he has in the garage at home.

Meanwhile, Sessions claimed the first top prize on the game Macho Nacho shortly after Haworth.  Her $50,000 winning ticket was purchased while on one of her regular trips to Malad’s Chat & Chew along the Idaho-Utah border last Saturday.

“I didn’t really believe it.  I even tossed it in the air after everyone was telling me I’d won,” said Sessions who became teary-eyed when she was handed her winning check.  “It’s just allergies.”

Sessions plans to take her family on a trip to southern California and then save the balance of her winnings.

For selling the winning tickets, Jacksons receives a bonus of $3,000 while the Chat & Chew in Malad receives a bonus of $5,000.