Lottery Exceeds Annual Dividend Forecast

BOISE, Idaho – The Idaho Lottery returned their twenty-eighth annual dividend to the People of Idaho during a ceremony this afternoon at the State Capitol.  Led by Idaho Lottery Director Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Commission Chairman Mel Fisher and the Idaho State Lottery Commission presented Lt. Governor Brad Little with a check for this year’s dividend of $48.5 million.  Over their 28 year history, including this year’s dividend, the Idaho Lottery has returned $792.5 million for the benefit of Idaho public education, the State’s Permanent Building Fund, and the Department of Education’s Bond Levy Equalization Fund.

“The Idaho Lottery has been providing an important resource to our schools since it began 28 years ago,” Lt. Governor Little said.

“It has been a good year for the Idaho Lottery and our accomplishments come as the direct result of solid, professional management and teamwork by the Idaho Lottery and our vendor partners,” said Anderson.  “A year ago, Idaho and the rest of the country experienced a $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot phenomenon that boosted sales and increased

our dividend. Originally, we anticipated a decline in sales for Fiscal Year 2017.  We created a business plan to overcome this anomaly and it worked. Not only have we exceeded last year’s sales without the benefit of a billion dollar jackpot, today we are returning a dividend that is $500,000 more than we originally forecast.”


During the ceremony, Lt. Governor Little presented Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra with a $30,312,500 dividend check.  Of that, $18,187,500 is earmarked for the Department of Education for use by the districts in their public schools and the remaining $12,125,000 goes to the Department’s Bond Levy Equalization Fund. Since inception, the Idaho Lottery has contributed $433.15 million to these accounts in support of Public Education in Idaho.

 “With the efforts of the Idaho Lottery, and responsible participation from Idahoans, we continue to see strong distributions that will provide additional funding for schools,” Superintendent Sherri Ybarra said.  “We look forward to how this disbursement will positively impact schools, and how it will continue to provide support in the future for schools and students to achieve.”

Lt. Governor Little also presented Jan Frew, the Department of Administration’s Director of Public Works, with a dividend check for $18,187,500.  Since 1989, the Idaho Lottery has returned $359,350,000 to support Idaho’s permanent buildings.

“This year’s dividend would not have been possible without the support of our dedicated, statewide network of nearly 1,200 retail locations who earned their two hundred millionth dollar in commissions this year, and the continued support from our players who participate voluntarily,” added Anderson.

Idaho Lucky! $1,000,000 Powerball Winner Sold for Saturday Night’s Draw

BOISE, Idaho – One lucky Idaho Lottery player’s Fourth of July Weekend is starting out with a million dollar bang. The Idaho Lottery confirmed this morning that one winning Powerball ticket which matched all five of the first numbers from Saturday night’s draw and worth $1 million was sold at an Idaho Lottery retail location in Oneida County along the Idaho-Utah border.  The winning numbers from Saturday night’s draw were 19, 42, 45, 48, 53, and the Powerball was 16.

“We are encouraging everyone who played Powerball for Saturday night’s draw to check their tickets carefully for winners,” said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director. “Too often we see players not match the Powerball and think they do not have a winning ticket. In this case, the ticket matched all five of the first numbers and is worth $1 million.” 

Including the million dollar winning ticket, there were over 5,200 winning Powerball tickets in Idaho from Saturday night’s draw.  With no nationwide jackpot winner, the estimated jackpot for Wednesday night is now $121 million. 

The Idaho Lottery also encourages everyone to sign the back of their tickets prior to presenting them for payment.

Saturday night’s million dollar winner has 180 days to claim their prize from Idaho Lottery headquarters in Boise.  Idaho Lottery offices are open on Monday from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, but will be closed on Tuesday in observance of the July 4th holiday. 

Just Gravy! Moscow Woman Wins Big Money Jackpot

Connie Elliott of Moscow got the surprise of her life the night of June 12 when she purchased a Big Money Jackpot ticket from Safeway.  She had a number that matched a winning number and under that it said “Jackpot.”

 “I didn’t know what to do, so I asked the night clerk at Customer Service at Safeway.  He was as surprised as I was and said I needed to take the ticket to Boise,” explained Connie on how she found out she had won the jackpot prize of $13,606.


Connie called her relatives in the Treasure Valley to let them know she was on her way and then set out for Boise to claim her winning ticket.  

“This is just gravy.  I am truly blessed. I have a roof over my head and food on my table,” said Connie when she received her check.  “I’m going to update my passport so I can go to Canada, maybe a take a cruise on the inside passage to Alaska, and save the rest.”

When she left the Lottery Offices, Connie was on her way to celebrate her big win with a family pizza party! Congratulations Connie!!


Nampa Man Wins Big Money Jackpot worth $134,715

BOISE, Idaho – “Now that’s how you win!” exclaimed Charles Goede, Nampa, when he was presented with his winning check for $134,715 on the game Big Money Jackpot at Idaho Lottery Offices this morning in Boise.

A regular player, Goede said he had stopped at the Jacksons on Cherry Lane in Meridian on Sunday afternoon to play Big Money Jackpot.  After winning small amounts on several tickets, Goede decideIMG_0609d to stop playing and fill up his car’s gasoline tank with fuel.   Once he was finished refueling his vehicle, he returned to the store and asked for one more ticket. 

“And that was the big winning ticket,” added Goede, who claimed the largest jackpot in the history of the Big Money Jackpot game. 

Goede said he plans to purchase a new vehicle for himself, pay off the outstanding balance on his wife’s new vehicle, then save the remaining amount.

“Just wow!” Preston Man Wins $322,124 Ultimate Diamond Jackpot Pocatello Man Wins $200,000 on Lottery Scratch Game

BOISE, Idaho – In two days, two southeastern Idaho residents have claimed top prizes of $322,124 and $200,000 respectively on Idaho Lottery games.  Within the last twenty-four hours, the Idaho Lottery has processed claims for James Lester of Preston, who won the largest jackpot prize in the history on Ultimate Diamond, and the first top prize on the Scratch Game 20X for Pocatello resident, Randel Hagler.

Last evening, Lester stopped at Ransom’s Country Store in Preston and purchased an Ultimate Diamond Jackpot IMG_2010ticket.  On his ticket, he matched the number 10 to the prize jackpot, meaning he had won $322,124.

 “I just about fell over.  I was sitting in my truck and I couldn’t believe it.  I drove home to show it to my wife,” explained Lester, a resident of Preston for thirty years.

“I got home and looked at him and said, ‘What have you done now?’  That’s when he said ‘I think we won the Lottery.’ And I said ‘na-uh,’” explained Royann Lester, his wife.  “We got back in the car, took the ticket back to the store and had them check it to be sure.  He won.  I didn’t think tickets like this existed. But I do now!”

The Lesters left for Boise to claim their prize first thing on Thursday morning.   When handed both his souvenir and real winning checks, Lester exclaimed, “Just wow!  I don’t believe it. It hasn’t sunk in yet. 

Lester, who owns a welding shop in Preston, said he plans to pay off his debts and save the remainder of his winnings.  Lester is the largest winner on the game Ultimate Diamond Jackpot and the largest winner from the town of Preston.

Meanwhile, late on WednesdayIMG_2009 afternoon, Pocatello resident Randel Hagler claimed a $200,000 winning check from the Scratch Game 20X he purchased at the KJ’s on Pocatello Creek Road in Pocatello.  A regular player, Hagler said he never thought he would ever win a prize this large and that his wife couldn’t believe it either.

The couple plan to use their winnings to purchase a new house.

$147,000 Idaho Cash Jackpot Winner Sold in Kootenai County

BOISE, Idaho – Idaho has another jackpot winner, this time on the new, Idaho-only Draw Game, Idaho Cash! The Idaho Lottery has confirmed that one winning ticket matched all five numbers from last night’s Idaho Cash draw and is worth $147,000.  The jackpot winning ticket was sold at an Idaho Lottery retail location in Kootenai County.   The winning numbers were 11, 12, 19, 31, and 34.

“We are encouraging everyone who played Idaho Cash for last night’s draw to check their tickets carefully for Idaho-Cash-Jackpot-FB[2]winners,” said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director.

Idaho Cash is the newest Draw Game, debuting in mid-February with a jackpot that begins at $20,000 and grows until it is won.  Drawings for Idaho Cash are on Wednesday and Saturday nights.  Tickets for Idaho Cash are only available in Idaho from licensed Lottery retailers.  This is the first-ever jackpot winning ticket on this game.

Including the jackpot winning ticket, there were 3,545 winning tickets from last night’s draw!

The Idaho Lottery also encourages the winner to sign the back of their ticket prior to presenting it for payment.

No one has contacted the Idaho Lottery regarding the winning ticket.  Last night’s winner has 180 days to claim their prize from Idaho Lottery headquarters in Boise.

Thanks for playing, Idaho!


Boise, ID – When the Idaho Lottery offers one of its Idaho-only Raffle games, we encourage every Raffle player to sign their tickets and keep them in a safe place until the draw. That’s exactly what one Nampa couple did with their St. Patrick’s Day Raffle ticket that turned out to be the game’s top prize winner of $100,000!

 “It’s been iIMG_2000n a drawer in the kitchen since we bought it,” said Donald Haggin.  “I don’t play very often and when I do I keep the tickets in that kitchen drawer and hope to remember to check them before they expire.”

Haggin’s wife saw the tickets Thursday in the drawer and thought they should check them.  With her husband, she returned to the Liquor Store on Marketplace Boulevard in Nampa where they purchased the ticket to have it checked.

“They scanned the ticket and told us to sign it and head to the Lottery offices immediately, which we did,” said Haggin. 

Not an hour later the couple had claimed the $100,000 winning St. Patrick’s Day Raffle top prize from a ticket they bought nearly two months ago and over five weeks since the winning number announcement. 

“When we bought it, the clerk told us what great odds there were. I guess they were right!” added Haggin.  “I’m glad we checked when we did, or the ticket might be in the drawer for a while longer.”

Haggin said they plan to save their winnings for the future.



BOISE, Idaho – The last and final top prize on the Scratch Game Ghostbusters proved as elusive as the apparitions from the film’s namesake!  But less gooey than ekto-plasma residue, Lisa Black claimed the final top prize of $50,000 on a game she purchased at the Oasis Stop ‘N Go in Jerome on Lincoln.  

“I had no idea that I could win something this big!” exclaimed Black!


BOISE, Idaho – While the weather outside in Meridian on Friday morning was a bit frightful, with blowing snow and cold, John Driskell dropped his son off for school and then set out to do some Christmas shopping before returning to pick him up mid-day.  One of his morning stops was at the Eagle Island Fred Meyer store on Chinden Boulevard.   Before leaving the store, he bought and played a Huge Cash Game Scratch ticket from the Idaho Lottery vending machine and could not believe his eyes.

John Driskell_$250,000 Winner“At first I thought it was just a $25 winner.  Then I scanned it with the Lottery check-a-ticket app on my phone. It said I was a winner and needed to call the Lottery, so I thought maybe it was a $2,500 winner,” explained Driskell.  “I called my wife and asked her to come home and meet me because we had a prize we had to pick up. I didn’t tell her I’d just won $250,000 playing the Lottery.”

After getting their son out of school, the Driskell family drove to Boise.

“When my husband told me we had a prize to pick up, I thought it was an Xbox from one of the radio stations,” explained Driskell’s wife, Kristen.  “Then he turned and drove into the parking lot at the Lottery.”

Only when the ticket was officially scanned for payment by Lottery Customer Service did Kristen know that her husband had won the Huge Cash Game’s first top prize of $250,000!

“I thought it said $25,000, but then I really looked and it said $250,000!” exclaimed Kristen.

Kristen explained that she enters second chance contests all the time, but had not really won from them.  A couple of weeks ago, she and her husband were part of a hotel promotion in Reno, Nevada where she was a finalist for $15,000 cash and a new BMW.

“We got to stay for free for two nights, so that was good.  But I didn’t win the cash or the car.  I guess I’ll take the $250,000 as my consolation prize,” laughed Kristen.

The Driskell family was making plans for their windfall, including investing in their son’s college education fund. 

“Santa’s list for Christmas just got a little bit longer,” joked Driskell as he and his family left Lottery Offices and headed back into Boise’s snowy morning.

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