The Ball is Rolling! Where is Ball this week?

Can you guess where Ball is traveling this week?

A region of the world previously inhabited by a mythical race of people, who were said to have reached heights of 12-15 ft. These mythical individuals lived in a town, which comprises the southern section of the Andes Mountains. It’s pure and pristine mountain water flows both into the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. The glaciers look like miles of endless bright blue spikes poking out of the water, while being surrounded by large snow-covered mountains. This alluring town is home to an abundance of brown, rainbow, brook and lake trout. Those in this magical area enjoy numerous delicious dishes; the most popular being beef and more specifically lamb. Supposedly, the lamb contains a unique flavor given the mixture of herbs and foods it consumes that are only found in this part of the world. This town is located within a country where people play soccer religiously and a company has used its name to create a world-renowned outdoor clothing line.

So, where has Ball been lucky enough to travel this week?

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