Persistence Pays $30,000 for Boise Man

About ten days before coming to the Idaho Lottery in Boise, Joel Holley started an e-mail conversation with the Idaho Lottery through the website and info inquiry system.  A new player to games like Hot Lotto and Weekly Grand, Holley was curious about winning number postings and how to enter for the Weekly Grand second chance draws.  In April, he had started playing Power Pack to receive entries for Million Mile Giveaway where he learned not only about Hot Lotto, but the Sizzler multiplier.

“I started having success playing Hot Lotto, so in addition to the Power Pack, I was also getting just regular Hot Lotto Sizzler tickets, too,” said Holley.  “Last week, I had a gut feeling and I got another ticket.” 

Holley’s intuition paid off when his Hot Lotto ticket matched the first five numbers from the Saturday, May 12, 2012 draw but not the Hot Ball.  And with the Sizzler multiplier, he turned a $10,000 winner into a $30,000 win!

“My persistence paid off!” exclaimed Holley. “I just couldn’t believe it when I saw all those numbers.”

Holley is looking at investing his winnings or using it to finish school at Boise State.  He bought his winning ticket from the Jacksons at 5797 Overland in southwest Boise.  For their part in selling the winning ticket, Jacksons receives a bonus of $3,000.

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