Welcome to Boise! Woman Wins $100,000 on move from Pocatello

BOISE, Idaho – Traditionally, an oasis is a location that provides safe haven for weary travelers, a place of refuge and prosperity.  For those who have driven I-84 through the Magic Valley, the Traveler’s Oasis in Eden is such a place.

Last week, Heather Palacios was moving her family from Pocatello to Boise when she stopped in the Travelers Oasis in Eden for refreshments and gasoline for her moving truck.  She also picked up a couple Cashword Combo Scratch tickets from the Idaho Lottery and put them in her purse without scratching them.  A hundred or so miles down the road, she stopped at the Pilot Travel Center in Mountain Home.  Wanting to see if she won, she scratched only the bar codes on both tickets from the Traveler’s Oasis and checked them.

“The first one was a $15 winner.  When the clerk scanned the second one, she told me I needed to take it to Boise to claim it,” explained Palacios.  “I didn’t know how much it was worth so I scratched it right there in the store in Mountain Home. It was a $100,000 winner!

Palacios was moving to Boise to complete her college degree and start a new job.  She was worried her husband was going to have to commute between Pocatello and Boise until the family could get settled financially.

“This is a big relief, because now I can join the family in Boise, too,” said her husband Hector Palacios.

The Palacios’ win is the sixth $100,000 or higher winning Lottery ticket sold in the Magic Valley in the past six months – more than any other region in Idaho.  Those six winning tickets combined amount to $1.8 million.

For their part in selling the winning ticket, the Traveler’s Oasis in Eden will receive a bonus from the Idaho Lottery of $10,000.

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