Summer of Powerball Luck Continues! $1 Million Winning Powerball Ticket Sold in Caldwell!

BOISE, Idaho Powerball luck has found Idaho once again.  For the fifth time in 13 weeks Idaho has a $1 million or higher winning Powerball ticket.  The Idaho lottery has confirmed that one ticket from last night’s Powerball draw matched all five of the first numbers (but not the Powerball) and is worth $1 million. The winning ticket was sold at an Idaho Lottery retail location in Caldwell. The winning numbers were: 01, 05, 08, 39, 50 and the Powerball number was 23.

“This summer has been great for big wins in Idaho. Our lucky streak continued last night with another million dollar Powerball prize,” said Jeff Anderson Idaho Lottery Director. “Per capita, for multi-state game wins over $500,000, Idaho is the luckiest jurisdiction in North America right now. We are encouraging everyone who played Powerball last night to check their tickets carefully for winners. We have instances where players do not match the Powerball and think they do not have a winning ticket. This ticket matched all five of the first numbers but not the Powerball and is worth $1 million.”

Idaho’s lucky streak began the first day of summer on June 20, 2012 with a winning $1 million ticket from Meridian. That ticket still remains unclaimed. Since then, the Idaho Lottery has sold three $1 million winning Powerball tickets and one $2 million winning Powerball ticket. In addition, Idaho has also had jackpot winners on both Wild Card and Hot Lotto.

Last night’s big winning ticket is the Idaho Lottery’s seventh $1 million winning Powerball ticket or higher since February, doubling the total number of $1 million or higher prize winners since the prize level was introduced in September 2005.

In addition to last night’s $1 million winning ticket there were also 6,100 other Powerball winning tickets in Idaho.

Last night’s winner has 180 days to claim their prize from Idaho Lottery headquarters in Boise.

 The new estimated Powerball jackpot for Saturday night’s draw is $174 million.  The Idaho lottery is reminding everyone to please play responsibly.

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