Drake Cooper and CLM Awarded Lottery Marketing Services Contracts

BOISE, Idaho – For the first time in the Idaho Lottery´s history, their marketing services contract will be divided between two Boise-based advertising and marketing agencies, Drake Cooper and CLM. The Idaho Lottery Commission has accepted the recommendation from Idaho Lottery Director Jeff Anderson to proceed with a “Notice of Intent” to award a contract for Strategic Planning and Creative Services to Drake Cooper and also a “Notice of Intent” to award a contract to CLM for Media Services.

“The current incumbent, Davies Moore of Boise, has been a pleasure to work with, has done an excellent job for the Idaho Lottery, and was in the running for elements of the contract going forward. However, good government practices require that we take significant contracts out for competitive bid when those contracts expire on their terms,” explained Idaho Lottery Director Jeff Anderson. “The announcement of our Intent to Award these contracts to both Drake Cooper and CLM was a result of their responsiveness to our Request for Proposals. I´m confident both local agencies will meet our marketing and advertising needs by providing the best value possible to the citizens of Idaho.”

“As a responsible state agency, the bidding process is healthy for us to achieve our goals and maximize our benefits to Idaho’s public schools and the State’s permanent buildings,” added Sherie Moody-St. Clair, Idaho Lottery Marketing Director. “We’re fortunate in Idaho that we have so many talented advertising agencies to work with. By separating the services, this unique idea will allow us the opportunity to have more resources available to provide responsible and effective marketing campaigns.”

The Idaho Lottery issued three separate Requests for Proposals on June 28, 2012. They were for Strategic Planning, Creative Services, and Media Services. Proposals were due to the Idaho Lottery on August 15, 2012 and evaluated by a committee comprised of three senior Idaho Lottery staff and two outside members with extensive Idaho television and marketing backgrounds. In total, there were eleven respondents for Creative Services, seven for media services and five for strategic planning. The proposals were all scored and the top three in each category were invited for meetings with the Lottery in mid-September. Eight of the respondents were Idaho-based companies. One bidding company was from Oregon, the remaining two were from California, including one Hollywood-based agency. The four month long process culminated with the Committee’s recommendations to Director Anderson, formal presentation and acceptance by the Idaho Lottery Commission on October 18, 2012 during a regularly scheduled Commission meeting.

One if Idaho´s oldest advertising agencies, Drake Cooper served as the Idaho Lottery´s Agency of Record from the Lottery´s inception in 1989 until 2009.

“Having launched the Idaho Lottery brand in 1989, and then working alongside the organization for such a significant time afterward, we are thrilled to be reunited with our friends at the Idaho Lottery,” said John Drake, Drake Cooper´s Vice President of Accounts and Brand Strategy. “We have always been proud supporters of the Lottery and the dividend that it returns to Idaho. We are most excited to begin this next stage of our work together.”

New to working with the Idaho Lottery is CLM, an advertising and marketing firm in Boise. Founded on the belief that client success begins with effective insight, analysis, strategy and planning before execution, CLM has a rich history of research and analysis, strategic thinking, creative development, media planning and buying.

“We are honored to be selected by the Idaho Lottery as one of their marketing partners,” said Michael Romans, CLM´s Managing Director. “All of us at CLM Marketing & Advertising are extremely pleased to be part of a program that plays such an important role in providing building funds to the schools of Idaho.”

“We take pride in being able to source all of our marketing and advertising needs here in the State of Idaho,” added Anderson. “In our 23-year history, we have always sourced our advertising services from Idaho companies, and as much as possible we use local talent and production companies for our commercials.”

Both contracts are set to begin on January 1, 2013. Value of both contracts is estimated at approximately $300,000.

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