Post Falls Man Wins $100,000; Calls in “Rich” to Work

BOISE, Idaho – Kyle Messier of Post Falls went into Frontier Grocery, his regular store in Post Falls, to purchase a $20 Idaho Lottery Scratch ticket yesterday afternoon.  The store did not have any, so he purchased two $10 tickets instead.  

“I got in the car with my best friend and started playing the tickets when I realized I’d won,” described Messier.  “My friend and I started hugging right there in the car! I couldn’t believe it.”

Messier bought, scratched, and won $100,000 on the Scratch GameTM Ultimate Bankroll.

“I just got lucky,” exclaimed an excited Messier, who later in the day quit his fast food job so that he could attend college.  “I guess you could say I called in rich!”

Messier has lived in Post Falls all his life and had dreamed of starting trade college but lacked the economic resources to do so, despite working long, extra hours at his job.  He and his fiancé are planning to be married at the end of February and both want to attend school to learn a profession that could lead to better paying jobs.  Messier was planning to work for two or three more years to save the money for his education and put his fiancé through school first.

“Wow, that’s about six years of salary at my old job,” added Messier when he held his check at Lottery offices in Boise. “This is a dream come true and couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Frontier Grocery, located at 2707 Seltice Way in Post Falls, will receive a $10,000 bonus from the Idaho Lottery for their part in selling the winning ticket.

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