Week 3: Cheesy Bacon Crabwiches

Congrats to Doris Rusk from Rathdrum with “Cheesy Bacon Crabwiches”! She will receive $50 in For The Love Of Bacon Scratch tickets, WOOH!

Cheesy Bacon Crabwiches
6 English muffins
8 oz pkg cream cheese
1 lb cooked crabmeat
1 large tomato
12 slices cheddar cheese cut approx, 2″ x 4″
12 slices crisp cooked bacon
Mix softened cream cheese with crabmeat.  Spread on english muffins. Place (1) thin slice of tomato on top of the crab mixture. Crisscross (2) pieces of cheese across the tomato. Crisscross 2 crispy pieces of bacon across the cheese slices.  Place in toaster oven or  under broiler until cheese is bubbly. Enjoy!

Submit your Bacon entree name, recipe, background about the recipe and where the recipe came from to info@idaholottery.com for your chance to win!


  1. Have you ever tried adding brown surgar to your bacon ? I use a microwave proff baking dish add 12 scrips of bacon dish covered with a paper towel,cook 20 seconds firist on high, check it and sprinkle with brown sugar and cook for about 20 more seconds or until they are crips.
    They are delicious for breakast with eggs! This has less fat to your diet, because it cooks off the excess fat. PS You can spray the dish with pam to prevent sticking.


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