Week 4: Cheesy Bacon BBQ Potatoes

Congrats to Kristen Driskell from Meridian with “Cheesy Bacon BBQ Potatoes”! She won $50 in For The Love Of Bacon Scratch tickets, WOOH!

Week 4: Cheesy Bacon BBQ Potatoes

Cheesy Bacon BBQ Potatoes
4-5 red potatoes
1 cup cheese cheese
1/2 cup of BACON
1/2 cup of real butter
1 tbsp garlic salt
Green onions
Sour cream
Wire basket or pan for the BBQ
1. Cook BACON and cut into pieces
2. Line the wire basket or pan with aluminum foil (enough to cover the potatoes)
3. Wash and cut up potatoes into bite size pieces and put into basket (leave skins on the potatoes)
4. Cube butter and place in with the potatoes
5. Sprinkle with garlic salt
6. Cook in BBQ for 5-10 mins.  Check and stir the potatoes to prevent sticking
7. Once potatoes are done take off BBQ and sprinkle cheese, BACON and green onion on the top and cover with foil so the cheese can melt.
8. Let stand for 2-3 mins until melted 
9. Put generous dollops of sour cream on the top.
10. Dish up and enjoy!

Cheesy Bacon BBQ Potatoes

Thank you everyone for joining in and participating in the Bacon fun! Keep an eye out for our next promotion, it’s right around the corner! 🙂

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