Silver & Gold struck in Boise; Woman wins $250,000!

BOISE, Idaho– Debra Weeks of Boise won $250,000 on the new Silver & Gold Scratch Game. Debra debated whether to buy four $5 tickets or one $20 ticket Friday evening at the Albertsons in Eagle. She made the right choice when she selected the $20 Silver & Gold Scratch ticket.At first she thought she’d simply won her money back, $20, but after scratching further her eyes grew larger and her smile wider when she realized exactly what she had won – $250,000!

Debra plans on paying off her cabin, buying a new fuel efficient car, putting money away for retirement and using a little ‘for fun’ money on herself.

There is one more $250,000 top prize remaining on the $20 Silver & Gold Scratch Game along with over $1,000,000 in other cash prizes.

Albertsons in Eagle, will receive a $20,000 bonus from the Idaho Lottery for their part in selling the winning Scratch ticket.

Debra Weeks - Silver and Gold $250,000 Winner!
Debra Weeks – Silver and Gold $250,000 Winner!

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