On a Saturday in mid-March, Rhett Uriguen’s girlfriend broke her ankle.  The following Tuesday, he went to his local Maverik store in Burley to get her a few things.  He had three dollars left over, so he decided to buy a Naughty or Nice Cashword Scratch Game from the Idaho Lottery.  It turned out to be a lucky break.

$25,000 Scratch ticket winner!

“She actually scratched the ticket then started screaming from the other room that we’d won.  I thought we’d won like three bucks,” described Uriguen.  “I must have checked the ticket a hundred times counting all the words.”

Uriguen and his girlfriend won the last “nice” top prize of $25,000 on Naughty or Nice Cashword.  Although they have no immediate plans for the winnings, but had considered looking into getting a house.

For their part in selling the winning ticket, Maverik earns a bonus from the Lottery of $2,500.


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