Check-A-Ticket App said “Claim at Lottery”

“The Idaho Lottery has some really great smart phone apps, but none better than the Check-A-Ticket App,” raved Ed Anderson. Anderson lives in Pocatello, but consistently drives anywhere from Twin Falls, over to Wyoming, down to Utah and occasionally up to Salmon for work. For Ed, the app has been perfect for checking tickets since he has several different retailers he buys from and is frequently on the road.

“I had just downloaded the Check-A-Ticket App a couple days before I scanned my Mega Millions tickets. After scanning the ticket it said, “must claim at Lottery”, I’d never seen that message before so I wasn’t sure if I had won or if the application wasn’t working properly,” said Anderson.

To confirm what he hoped was a winner, he went and checked it at a local Idaho Lottery retailer. As the retailers eyes grew wide, and she double and triple checked the ticket, she realized that it was indeed a $20,000 winner and promptly told Ed to sign the back of the ticket!

Ed and his wife emphasized that this couldn’t have come at a better time as they were hoping to put a down payment on a new house; this will be plenty to do exactly that!

$20,000 Mega Millions Winner

Congrats to Ed Anderson from Pocatello, ID who won $20,000 on Mega Millions! Ticket purchased at Travelers’ Oasis Truck Stop in Eden.

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