The $50,000 Fruity Grocery List

Peggy Corder, born and raised in Orofino, ID was on her way to Barney’s Harvest Foods to pick up some fruit; apples and bananas to be exact. As she was walking up to pay for her fruit, she recalled a Sweet BBQ Bucks Scratch ticket that she had won $30 on several days back, which was in her purse. “After cashing in my $30 BBQ Bucks Scratch ticket, I asked for two Powerball tickets and one BBQ Bucks Scratch tickets, yes, just one,” said Corder.

“I scratched it when I got home and simply couldn’t believe it. I kept flipping over the ticket, leaving the room, coming back in and flipping it back over to make sure it was still a winner,” chuckled Corder. Peggy went back to Barney’s Harvest Foods the following day to have it checked and make sure her eyes weren’t deceiving her. After scanning the ticket and hearing the “extra exciting, you’re a winner song”, Peggy drove through the night to claim her $50,000 winning ticket!

Peggy plans to upgrade her old Honda CRV with a brand new Honda CRV, pay some bills and save the rest for a rainy day.

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