Happy two-year Anniversary, Powerball!

Since new Powerball’s starting draw on January 18, 2012, the new game has sold over $11 billion ($11,213,962,041) including nearly another billion sold in Power Play ($995,495,769).

As of last Saturday’s draw (January 18, 2014), the new Powerball game has created 1,013 millionaires, including 34 jackpot winners and 979 Match 5 winners.  There have been 847 $1 million prizes and 132 $2 million prizes awarded, for a total of $1,111,000,000 (over $1.1 billion) in cash prizes just for the for Match 5.

The New Powerball game has created over 500 millionaires per year since the change, including 34 jackpot winners (28 jackpot hits) since February 2012.

Since Powerball changed two years ago, per capita, Idaho is one of the luckiest jurisdictions to win $1,000,000 or more on Powerball in the country. WOOH!

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