Idaho Lottery Recognized as Nation’s Best!

BOISE, Idaho – The Idaho Lottery has received nationwide recognition for their achievements during Fiscal Year 2013.  Leading Lottery industry associations, Public Gaming Research Institute and the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries recognized the Idaho Lottery for their $48.2 million dividend returned to the citizens of the Gem State and their 16.14% increase in net funding for Public Education and the Permanent Building Fund over the previous year, the highest percentage increase of any of the 45 lottery jurisdictions operating in the United States.

“In 2007, the Idaho Lottery defined our vision: to become the highest performing jurisdiction in North America,” said Idaho Lottery Director Jeff Anderson. “Cooperatively with our statewide network of nearly 1,200 retail partners, and our vendor partners, we have worked together not just in our business but on our business for greater success each year. This focused work has landed the Idaho Lottery nationwide recognition.”

The Idaho Lottery is the 2013 recipient of Public Gaming Research Institute’s “Sharon Sharp Good Causes Award” which recognizes lotteries which have achieved the highest percentage increase in net funds contributed to its beneficiaries, the true measure of a lottery’s success. The award honors lottery industry pioneer Sharon Sharp, who headed the Illinois and California Lotteries before consulting in the lottery industry globally. Sharp’s enthusiasm, focus, and dedication for lottery beneficiaries inspired this award in her name after her death in 2009.

“The 2013 Sharp Award for Good Causes recipient is the Idaho Lottery for increasing net funds to its beneficiary by 16.14% in Fiscal Year 2013 over Fiscal Year 2012,” said Paul Jason, Publisher & CEO of Public Gaming Research Institute. “Maximizing net funds, the profits, to the good causes that Lotteries support is our mission and we congratulate the Idaho Lottery for their exceptional performance!”

The Idaho Lottery is currently celebrating its 25th year of operations, its silver anniversary. Since inception in 1989, the Idaho Lottery has sold over $2.5 billion in products, awarded over $1.5 billion in prizes to players, returned more than $148.2 million in retail commissions, and distributed $600.5 million in Lottery dividends to Idaho public schools and the Permanent Building Fund.

“Each year for the past decade, the Idaho Lottery has returned a record dividend while maintaining our adherence to responsible play and rigorous fiscal management,” added Anderson. “We remain on target to deliver our 11th consecutive record dividend later this summer.”

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