Idaho Boxing Legend Kenny Keene Wins Weekly Grand Jackpot!

BOISE, Idaho – An Idaho sports icon and retired professional boxer, Kenny Keene, Emmett, has won and claimed the jackpot on the Idaho-only Weekly Grand draw game.  Keene, a long-time Idaho native, matched all five numbers in the game from last Saturday night’s draw.  His prize, $77,380 translates into $1,000 a week, each week for an entire year after the withholding taxes are paid by the Idaho Lottery.

Kenny Keene Weekly Grand

“As a professional boxer, I’m used to seeing this kind of money,” admitted Keene, a member of the Idaho Hall of Fame.  “But it usually came with broken ribs and a lot of bruises.”

Keene’s professional boxing career began in 1990 and lasted 16 years where he accrued a record of 51-4 as the “Emmett Eliminator” before retiring in 2006. Since retiring, he’s met with success in different business ventures and has supported the Gem County Drug Court program. Throughout the years, Keene has always played the Lottery with the belief that one day he would win.  That one day was last Saturday on a Weekly Grand ticket purchased from the Albertsons in his home town of Emmett

“I’ve got 52 wins, now!” exclaimed the former 1994 World Boxing Federation cruiserweight champion. “Just like boxing, you can’t win if you don’t step in the ring. For me, the Lottery is my entertainment and you can’t win if you don’t play.”

Keene plans to use some of the winnings on nice jewelry for his wife, Megan.  Megan works with Gem County Treasurer, Connie Goins, also a Lottery winner from 2008.  Goins accompanied the Keene’s to Boise for the check ceremony. The Keene and Goins families have been very close over the years because of the boxing world.  Kenny’s father and Goins’ late husband Geno were best friends.

For their part in selling the winning ticket, Albertsons receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery for $7,738.

Weekly Grand is an Idaho-only draw game that began in August 2011 with draws on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Players who match all five numbers win the jackpot, $1,000 a week each week for a year after withholding taxes are paid.  Keene is the 16th jackpot winner on Weekly Grand.

Watch Kenny Keene’s interview:

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