Steve Ellingson, Salt Lake City, is the latest Weekly Grand jackpot winner, taking home $1,000 a week every week after withholding taxes are paid for an entire year!  The winning ticket was purchased at KJs in Malad by Steve’s father.  As payment for picking up the ticket, Steve plans on giving his father a new door.

IMG_0821“Whether it was the Powerball jackpot or Weekly Grand, that’s what he wanted,” admitted Ellingson, a long time Idaho Lottery player. “As for me, I’m gonna fix up a couple of Harley’s and pay for my daughter’s wedding.”

Ellingson and his daughter picked up the winning check in Boise after riding some 350 miles on his currently Harley from Utah.  When they left, they were headed to Jackpot, Nevada.

“Just for the night, this is not going to be spent there,” laughed Ellingson.

For their part in selling the winning ticket, KJ’s in Malad receives a bonus for $7,380.

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