Summertime Luck in Shelley!

On the first day of summer, last Saturday, Robyn White was looking for something to do. She had recently moved to Shelley from Idaho Falls and thought playing a Scratch Game from the Idaho Lottery would pass the time. She stopped in the Food Plaza in Shelley and bought one $5 Super Slingo Max Scratch ticket.IMG_0854

“I knew I had a winner when I got one row.  Then I kept uncovering all the other spaces, too,” described White on how she played her ticket and discovered she had a winner. “When I took the ticket back to the store to have them check it, they said my face went pale and it took me a while to collect myself.  I’ve heard of people winning, but never thought it would be me!”

White collected her winnings at the Idaho Lottery Offices in Boise on Monday, but not before having a bit of extra fun with her former employer.

“I got a new job when I moved to Shelley so I was planning to quit my old job. Well, I called in rich to the old job and told them I’d won the Lottery and was heading to Boise,” laughed White.

White plans to use her winnings to buy a new vehicle and help out her family. For their part in selling the winning ticket, Food Plaza in Shelley receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery of $5,000.


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