$52,000 Birthday Ticket! Weekly Grand Jackpot Ticket Sold In Twin Falls!

Brett Temmerman, married to Deborah Temmerman, had his birthday on 7/23. They’ve been playing for the last four years since moving from Alaska to Twin Falls. Powerball, Mega Millions, Hot Lotto and Weekly Grand have been their games of choice twice a week for the last four weeks. “We always do quick pick for our numbers, so it was amazing to see both 7 & 23 in the winning numbers!” The winning numbers for the 7/23 Weekly Grand draw were: 07 11 23 25 26.

Deborah Temmerman Idaho Lottery Weekly Grand

Deborah always checks her numbers on the Idaho Lottery website. “Usually when I check my numbers online it says not a winning ticket or free ticket, but this time it said jackpot winner, I still cannot believe it, said Deborah.

“We’d never driven to Boise before, so we didn’t know how far it was. I called the Lottery office with excitement at 10am from Twin Falls and they told me to get here before 4pm. We ended up being quite a bit early as you can imagine, Deborah said laughing.

“Just the other day our dishwasher broke, so I’ve been having to wash the dishes by hand. The first thing I told Deborah after finding out that we’d won, is that we’re getting a new dishwasher. There will be more stainless steel appliances in our future,” Brett said.

Brett made it well known while he was in the Lottery office that he was quite the outdoorsmen, especially when living in Alaska. “I owned a 4-wheel drive truck for 25 years in Alaska, but parted with it when I came to Idaho since I didn’t think I’d need it. The Escalade doesn’t do well when we try to drive to our favorite spots to fish, so now I’ll finally be able to buy my new truck,” Brett said while smiling.

Congrats to Deborah Temmerman from Twin Falls, ID who won $77,380 on Weekly Grand! Ticket purchased at Big Smoke #111 in Twin Falls.

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