Hard Working Man Wins $50,000 on Labor Day

Cory Hollingsworth, Ririe, works hard as a truck driver for a mining company that operates about eight months out of the year in Nevada. He drives his 80,000 pound truck (that’s unloaded – it’s 250,000 pounds loaded) two weeks on and then one week off.  His one week off began the Saturday of Labor Day weekend when he returned home to his family in Ririe.  Along with the extended weekend visit, Hollingsworth claimed the first $50,000 top prize in the Idaho Lottery’s Scratch GameTM Flamingo Slingo the day after Labor Day.  The ticket was purchased at the Maverik in Ririe.


“I’d won $15 on a Flamingo Slingo ticket I bought from another store in Ririe,” explained Hollingsworth on how he came by his winning ticket on Labor Day afternoon. “I sent my wife into the Maverik to buy me two more of the same game plus get herself a $5 cashword ticket with the winnings.  When I started playing the first one, I thought it was just a $1,000 winner. Then I went back and counted the lines again and I said to my wife, ‘Hey babe, I think I have a blackout. I think I won $50,000!’ You just don’t ever think this is going to happen to you.”

The Hollingsworth’s are weighing their options on what to do with their winnings.  For their part in selling the winning ticket, Maverik receives a bonus of $5,000 from the Idaho Lottery.

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