Boise Veteran wins $100,000 on Veterans Day

Scott Duvall_Idaho-Lottery_Veterans-Day

Veteran, Scott Duvall, wins $100,000 on Veterans Day

Scott Duvall, who is active military at Mountain Home Air Force Base, had the day off and had planned to go hunting. As he was getting ready to head out of town, he stopped at Applebee’s for dinner where they were serving free meals for veterans. “The waitress was very kind, but seemed to be having a tough day, so I’d made sure to give her a big tip,” said Duvall. After enjoying his meal, he stopped at the Jacksons #34 to get a cup of coffee. Scott happened to have an extra $10 in his wallet and decided to buy The Big Money Game Scratch ticket. “I scratched the barcode, because I never expect to win, but this time the machine said ‘Claim At Lottery'”. At this point I was anxious, but there was a long line, so to make sure it was legitimate, I scanned it with the Check-a-Ticket App and sure enough, it also said ‘Claim At Lottery'”. After realizing it was a big winning ticket, Scott scratched the rest of the ticket to find out that he’d won $100,000! “I ran out to the car and locked all the doors and then realized I wasn’t even able to claim the ticket because the Idaho Lottery office was closed; I truly couldn’t wait to get in here Wednesday morning,” said Duvall.

With big hearts and smiling faces, Scott and his wife showed up at the Idaho Lottery office Wednesday morning. It wasn’t long before the Duvall’s and Idaho Lottery employees were getting emotional with Scott’s pride to serve our country and our sincere thanks for all Scott and other veterans do and have done. Scott and his wife plan to pay off their debt with their winnings and save the rest. “We are going to be able to pay off our debt, it’s going to be a new life!”

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