Late Breakfast Turns into $30,000 Top Prize Winner!

The FINAL Golden Monkey top prize Scratch ticket has been claimed! BIG congrats to Kevin and Dorcee Petty from Payette, ID who won $30,000 on Golden Monkey. Kevin was slightly rushed this weekend while taking his son to his football game. Since he’d run out of time to make breakfast, they stopped for a breakfast burrito at Minit Market in Payette to pick up two breakfast burritos. The cashier asked him, “Would you like anything else?”. Kevin responded with, “yes, actually, I’ll take one of those Golden Monkey tickets”. It wasn’t until later that afternoon when Kevin was able to Scratch the ticket that he found out it was a $30,000 winner! He immediately called his wife and said, “Dorcee, do you love me?”, where Dorcee responded, “yes”. Kevin then asked, “Dorcee, do you really love me?”, and Dorcee responded again with a more emphatic, “YES!”. “He hardly ever calls me at work, so I wasn’t sure what it was going to be about when I saw his phone number, but I’m happy he called. We are so thankful!” said Dorcee.

IMG_1087_editKevin and Dorcee have been foster parents for two years now, where they’ve been able to care for 9 different children, while having four of their own. “Two years ago, when fostering was talked about at our church, we thought to ourselves how incredible it would be if we could just help one child. Now, two years later, we’ve had 9 foster children and cherish the opportunity to help,” said Dorcee.

The Petty’s are planning to replace their roof, pay for their sons braces and anticipate planning a family vacation in the near future.

For their part in selling the winning ticket, Minit Market in Payette receives a bonus of $3,000!

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