$30,000 In Scented Candy Cane Cashword Goodness!

“Is that real?!” shrieked Adrienne Foote when she saw the actual winning amount of her Candy Cane Cashword Scratch ticket at Idaho Lottery Offices.  “Oh my goodness!”

IMG_1093_editFoote had only recently become devoted to playing $3 Candy Cane Cashword.   She said she’d only purchased a few tickets before visiting the Maverik on Boise Avenue and Protest Hill last Friday.  There she purchased and scratched a Candy Cane Cashword ticket that looked like it was a big winner.  After scratching the ticket and going over it several times, Foote thought she had a $1,000 winner in her hands.   When she brought it to the Lottery Offices and had it scanned, the ticket turned out to be the game’s second top prize winner of $30,000.

“I’ve only won $10 before. This one had a 3 and then four zeroes after it,” she said in complete disbelief.  “Merry Christmas to me!”

Foote said she plans to pay off her credit card and then save the rest of her winnings. For their part in selling the winning ticket, Maverik receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery for $3,000.

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