$50,000 Drive All Over Orofino!

Joni Thompson bought a $5 winning scratch ticket from Barney’s IGA in Orofino late one afternoon in March.  She took that $5 winning ticket to Hayes Food and Ace Hardware where she purchased a $5 Slingo Madness ticket.  While scratching that ticket, she discovered she had a $50,000 winning ticket.

IMG_1199_edit“I was so excited I just drove all over Orofino. I went to the IGA to check my ticket,” said Joni about visiting the third grocery store in Orofino that day.  “The clerk told me I needed to take my ticket to Boise. I called my husband immediately and told him I’d won!”

“Her voice was pretty shaky, so I knew she was telling the truth,” said her husband Blake.

This is the second $50,000 win for Joni.  In August 2011, she won $50,000 on Slingo Trio Doubler sold at the same IGA store she checked her current winning ticket at this year.  Joni and Blake plan to pay down bills and to maybe invest in a new vehicle.

For their part in selling the winning ticket, Hayes Food and Ace Hardware receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery for $5,000.

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