Mullan Woman Collects Second Six-figure Winner Since September; Wallace Sells Third Six-figure Winning Ticket in Six Months

BOISE, Idaho – The town of Wallace, Idaho is booming with big, six-figure Idaho Lottery Scratch ticket wins.  Since September 2014, Idaho Lottery retail locations in Wallace have sold three, six-figure winning Scratch tickets to two different winners.

IMG_1206_editLate last week, Mullan resident Kathleen Zingler bought a $100,000 winning Extreme Cash Scratch ticket from the red Idaho Lottery vending machine at the Harvest Foods in Wallace.  This is the exact same store and Lottery machine where she purchased her $200,000 winning ticket last September. And the win came roughly in the same fashion as the last one did.

“Just like the last time I won, I had a couple of tickets that were winners, about $25, to reinvest,” explained Zingler who was shaking with excitement while collecting her winnings in Boise on Monday. “I bought two different $10 games and a $5 game.  The second $10 game was the $100,000 winner.”

Last fall, Zingler found herself in a similar situation, with $20 to play but instead of buying two, $10 games, she bought a single $20 ticket that turned out to be a $200,000 winner.  She could not believe her good luck – again.

“Last time we paid some bills and put the money aside for our house. This time, it’s all going toward the house,” said Zingler, now a two-time top prize Lottery winner.

For their part in selling the winning ticket, Harvest Foods in Wallace receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery of $10,000.

The third winning ticket in Wallace in the last six months was sold to Cindie Sawyer, who won $250,000 in early January 2015 on a ticket she purchased at Beamis-Hico convenience store. It was also Sawyer’s second, six-figure win.  Sawyer and Zingler currently rank 6th and 7th respectively on the all-time winners list for players with multiple, top prize wins on Scratch Games from the Idaho Lottery.

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