First Time Lucky – Idaho Falls Man Wins $30,000

Kevin Potter, Idaho Falls, was sitting at home in his easy chair reviewing the first Hot Lotto ticket from the Idaho Lottery he had ever purchased.  He was comparing the numbers on this ticket to the March 14, 2015 draw’s winning numbers when they started to match up.

IMG_1217_edit“I matched the first number, then the second.  Dang, I matched the third, the fourth and the fifth!” described Potter.  “I took the ticket back to my local store where I bought it to have them check it and they told me I had a big winner and I needed to go to Boise.”

By matching the first five numbers but not the Hot Ball, Potter’s ticket won him $30,000.  He purchased his winning ticket at the Get-n-Go Convenience Store near the Science Center in Idaho Falls.  A regular Powerball and Mega Millions player, Potter was in his local store the night of the draw and saw a preview for Hot Lotto flash up on the Lottery’s video display screen.

“I got my regular tickets and then asked the clerk for a Hot Lotto ticket, too.  I’d never played the game before, but saw the ad and thought, hey $5.6 million would be alright,” said Potter about his purchase and that night’s jackpot amount.  “Dang, I was just one number away from winning it all!  But the $30,000 is great, too!”

Potter plans to pay some bills and set aside some of his winnings.  For their part in selling the winning ticket, the Get-n-Go receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery of $3,000.

The current advertised Hot Lotto jackpot for Saturday night is $5.89 million.  Jackpot winners on Hot Lotto receive the full jackpot amount in cash with the Lottery paying the withholding taxes on their behalf.

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