Rigby Man Celebrates Birthday with $80,000 Lottery Win

BOISE, Idaho – Happy birthday wishes to a Rigby man who celebrated a few days early with an $80,000 Scratch Game win from the Idaho Lottery.

IMG_1220_editKahn McAllister, and his wife Karleen, Rigby, were visiting his family in Ririe for an early birthday dinner celebration when the couple stopped in the Gateway Service store.  An avid Lottery player, McAllister reinvested some previous winning Idaho Lottery Scratch tickets and bought a series of Even More Crazier 8s from the Idaho Lottery at the store.

“The first few tickets didn’t win at all.  Then, the next one came along and I thought at first I’d won $8,” explained McAllister.  “Then it was $80, then $800, nope, it was the $80,000 prize. I got lucky!”

“I couldn’t breathe and I kept jumping around all excited,” added McAllister.  “I couldn’t believe it! And my birthday is in a few days!”

McAllister says he plans to take his wife and their young daughter to Disneyland to meet Princesses then invest the remainder of his winnings.

“Invest, invest, invest,” added Karleen reassuringly. “That’s where this is going.”

For their part in selling the winning ticket, Gateway Service in Ririe receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery of $8,000.

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