New Draw Game Update, “Lucky For A While”!

Today, we unveiled the latest updates to the newest, most popular draw game in Idaho, including a brand new game name change.  “Lucky for a While” allows players the flexibility of occasional draws and top prize jackpot amounts that pay $1,000 a day…for a while, length to be determined by random number generator at the time of the claim.  Players are encouraged to purchase tickets with regularity due to the irregular, random nature of the draw schedules. A winner is almost guaranteed every draw!


“Draws could occur hourly, daily, or once in a blue moon,” said unnamed officials close to the program. “There could be a draw today, tomorrow, Friday, or twice in one day. We believe the unknown time and date of the next draw that could produce the next winner will add to the game’s excitement.”

Lucky For A While
wwwwwLucky Ball
$1,000 A DAY FOR A WHILE* ‡ 1:30,821,472
$25,000 a year for a while* ‡ 1:1,813,028
$5,000* 1:143,356
$200 1:8,433
$150 1:3,413
$20 1:201
$25 1:250
$3 1:15
$6 1:50
$4 1:32

“We’ve conducted extensive research on the subject of winning Lucky for a While, and have found that all of our winners purchased at least one ticket prior to the next draw,” added officials. “Add to this, the random length for which a player could win $1,000, well, it’s certain to be a big winner for everyone!”

Good luck, Idaho!

(April Fools)

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