Burley Couple Wins Weekly Grand Jackpot!

Kathryn Wayland and her husband play all the Idaho Lottery Draw Games twice a week and only one ticket at a time. Saturday evening, their ticket won the jackpot prize of $1,000 a week, every week, after withholding taxes are paid, for an entire year.

IMG_1261_edit“On Sunday, my husband checked his tickets to the numbers from last Saturday night on the Lottery’s website when he started yelling ‘All the numbers matched up!  All the numbers matched up!’” described Kathryn on how they discovered they held the jackpot winner. “I yelled back to him, ‘You just want to win so badly, you think they matched up!’  Then he showed me the ticket and the website. Turns out he was right!”

Kathryn Wayland and her husband recently made some major, costly renovations to their home in Burley. They plan on paying off the home improvement loan with their winnings, then saving the rest.

The Wayland’s bought their winning ticket at Smith’s Food and Drug in Burley.  For their part in selling the winning ticket, Smith’s receives a bonus of $7,738.

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