Winners from Heyburn, Rathdrum, Boise and Malad Claim $350,000

BOISE, Idaho – The recent bout of inclement weather across Idaho has produced a storm of winners at the Idaho Lottery.  Five players in the past two days claimed a total of $350,000 in top prizes on Scratch Games, including two $100,000 winners and three $50,000 winners.  The winning ticket locations include Heyburn, Rathdrum, Malad, and Boise.

“They say you should save your pennies for a rainy day,” said Idaho Lottery Public Information Specialist David Workman.  “It has been raining winners at the Lottery the last two days, and between Tuesday and Wednesday, we paid out 35 million pennies.”

IMG_1289_edit started the run on big winning tickets by claiming the top prize of $100,000 on the Scratch GameTM Bonus Bonanza Cashword late on Tuesday afternoon.  His winning ticket was purchased from Mr. Gas on Overland Avenue in Burley.

On Wednesday morning, four players claimed $250,000 in prizes in about three hours.

Jesse Stewart Jr., of Roy, Utah, claimed the first top prize of $50,000 on Frogger, the Scratch Game.  His winning ticket was purchased from Top Stop Chevron in Malad, along the Idaho-Utah border.

Next to claim her prize was Joy Hobbs, Boise, who won the first top prize of $100,000 on the Scratch Game Jumbo Jumbo Bucks.  Her winning ticket was purchased at the Albertsons located at 16th and State Street in Boise.

“I won the Lottery!” exclaimed Hobbs when she claimed her winning ticket. IMG_1292_edit

Albert Kiemele claimed a $50,000 top prize on the Scratch Game Slingo Madness from a ticket he purchased at The Big Smoke on State Street in Boise.

Dennis Harrison, Rathdrum, also claimed $50,000 but from the game Giant Jumbo Bucks.  His winning ticket was sold at Love’s Travel Stop on Expo Parkway in Post Falls.

“I had just cashed a $75 winning Scratch ticket, and as I was walking out the door I had a hunch that I should pick up a couple Scratch tickets for the road,” explained Harrison. “I purchased a $10 ticket and two $5 tickets, one of which was Giant Jumbo Bucks that turned out to be worth $50,000!”

It was also raining cash for the retailers who sold the winning tickets.  For their parts in selling the winning tickets, these retailers earned the following bonuses from the Idaho Lottery:

Mr. Gas – $10,000 for Bonus Bonanza Cashword

Top Stop – $5,000 for Frogger

Albertsons – $10,000 for Jumbo Jumbo Bucks

Big Smoke – $5,000 for Slingo Madness

Love’s Travel Stop – $5,000 for Giant Jumbo Bucks

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