Now That’s A Good Breakfast! Post Falls Man Wins $50,976 on Idaho Jackpot

John Treantenou of Post Falls arrived early for work Monday morning and decided to get some breakfast from the Super 1 Foods deli in Hayden Lake before his shift.  Wanting to try the Idaho Jackpot InstaPlay game since it had been installed on the vending machines in the store Treantenou had to decide which one of the two machines to play.

IMG_1300_edit“There’s one by the entrance and one by the deli.  Something told me to try the one at the deli.  I put $5 in and it turned out to be the big winner,” described Treantenou on his winning experience.  “Holy, wow.   When I checked it on the machine, it said sign the back and contact the Idaho Lottery.  Stuff like this doesn’t happen to me.”

Treantenou won the game’s current jackpot of $50,976.  Idaho Jackpot is an InstaPlay game, with jackpots that begin at $5,000 and grow until they are won. This was the third jackpot on the game since it debuted last October.  The jackpot automatically reset on the game has currently grown to over $6,200.

After the great start to his morning, Treantenou traveled the next day to the Lottery offices in Boise to claim his prize.  He said he plans to get his wife a new truck and then invest the rest.

“Instantly, this is a fresh start for us.  Thank you,” said Treantenou.

For their part in selling the winning ticket, Super 1 Foods receives a bonus of $5,098.

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