Saltaga of Twin Falls Claims $50,000!

A top prize of $50,000 on an Idaho Lottery Scratch GameTM can go a long way toward remodeling a house.  Just ask Sam Saltaga from Twin Falls.  Last Sunday night, he was playing a Black Diamond Cashword ticket he purchased from the Maverik on Blue Lakes in Twin.

IMG_1302“I got nine words, so I think I’m going to Boise,” described Saltaga on his playing experience.  He wasn’t quite done with the ticket, though. “Then I got ten words. I AM going to Boise!”

Completing ten words won Saltaga the final top prize on the game of $50,000.  He claimed his prize on Wednesday morning.

“I just got done remodeling my house; outside, the roof, the whole thing.  This is going to pay for all the remodels,” said Saltaga reflecting on what he was going to do with his winnings.  “I think I need to remodel something else now.”

For their part in selling the winning ticket, Maverik receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery for $5,000.

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