Life Is Better In A Truck! First Bucks ‘N Trucks Prize Claimed!

Life is better in a truck.  Cory Peavy, from Carey, Idaho, was the first Bucks ‘N Trucks winner of a Ford F-150 XLT pick-up truck on a ticket he purchased at the Splash ‘n Dash in Bellevue.  A rancher in Carey, Cory took a day off and went up to Bellevue and Hailey to visit some friends.

Cory Peavy_1st Truck Winner

“I had a $5 winner on Bucks ‘n Trucks that went to cash in,” explained Corey.  “The clerk asked me if I wanted cash or another ticket. I asked for the ticket and won a truck. 

Cory claimed his prize in Boise the next day.  After walking the Lithia Ford sales lot, kicking tires and checking out all the different features, he settled on a blue jeaned color F-150 to drive back to Carey.

“It’s big enough to haul a 4-wheeler, my saddle, fence posts and my friends,” said Corey before adding, “I might even take a girl for ride, if she’s nice enough.”

When we last saw Cory he was driving off into the sunset in his new Ford F-150 XLT truck.  Bucks ‘N Trucks has two top prizes of Ford F-150 XLT trucks available to be won on the game itself, and one from the second chance draw.


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