Rupert Man Scratches Off $50,000 Win At Laundromat!

“I’m on a lucky streak! Not only did I just win back-to-back-to-back, but it’s my mother’s birthday today,” exclaimed Pettyjohn!

IMG_1319_editOn Friday afternoon, Mark Pettyjohn of Rupert, ID cashed in a Scratch ticket worth $25, where he then purchased a $300,000 Triple Platinum Scratch ticket. “I hardly ever buy $25 tickets because of the price tag, but gave it a try since I had the money from my winnings,” said Pettyjohn.

Mark ended up winning $150 on that $300,000 Triple Platinum Scratch ticket!

The very next day he stopped at Mr. Gas to fill up his truck. He walked inside to grab a soda and picked up a $50,000 Taxes Paid ticket as well. His final stop of the morning was to the laundromat to wash some clothes. When he came back out to his truck, while waiting for his clothes to wash, he sat in his truck and scratched the ticket. Eyes wide and an expression of complete disbelief, Mark had just scratched off a $50,000 winner!

“I couldn’t believe it! The best part about this ticket is that the taxes are already paid and I get the entire $50,000,” said Pettyjohn.

Mark plans to pay off his final small debts and take his children to their hometown to visit family!

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