Twice in a Lifetime! Idaho Falls Woman Claims Second Six-figure Lottery Prize in Three Months!

BOISE, Idaho – There’s an old expression that goes “Some people have all the luck.”  And that phrase may be true for one Idaho Falls woman who claimed her second, six-figure winning Idaho Lottery Scratch ticket in the past three months.  Misty Adams claimed $250,000 on the Idaho Lottery’s Scratch GameTM Super Jumbo Bucks late on Wednesday evening in Boise.  Earlier this spring, Adams claimed a $200,000 winning ticket on the Scratch Game Winter Wonders.

IMG_1372_edit“When I won $200,000 last May, I told people it was once in a lifetime.  To win twice in a year, that’s unbelievable!” said Adams. “I’m still in complete and total shock.”

Adams’ winning Super Jumbo Bucks ticket was sold at Quick Stop at 960 John Adams Parkway in Idaho Falls.  Adams is a regular Lottery player and regular customer of Quick Stop.  She usually reinvests her winnings from previous tickets to purchase additional ones.  That was the case this time.

“I stopped in Tuesday night and bought a couple on my way home from work. I played them and then used the winnings the next morning to buy a couple more,” explained Adams on her second big winning experience.  “It was the next ticket that was the winner. I really couldn’t believe it happened again.”

“We were very happy for her to win,” said Victor Singh, manager of Quick Stop. “She’s a regular customer and got pretty excited about it.  That’s two she’s won now in just a few months.” 

Including her most recent win, Adams has claimed a total of $461,000 since last November.  In addition to her two top prize wins, she has five other wins between $1,000 and $2,500.  Currently, Adams is now third on the all-time winners list for players with multiple, top prize wins on Idaho Lottery Scratch Games.

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