Final $50,000 Top Prize Claimed on Big Bang Bingo!

Ben Johnson is an informed Idaho Lottery player.  He doesn’t buy a lot of tickets when he plays, but he does make educated decisions about his game choices.  Of late, he had been following and playing Big Bang Bingo, buying a ticket every now and then. 

IMG_1389_edit“I’ve actually had the winning ticket for a while, but I didn’t know it,” admitted Johnson.  “I played one and it didn’t win. So I got another one. I kept it. When I thought about it, I kept thinking it was the one that didn’t win. The other day I remembered that I bought a second one.”

Johnson played the second ticket and couldn’t believe his eyes. He was sure it was a mistake when he saw the $50,000 top prize on the game.  No mistake, it was the second top prize on Big Bang Bingo, which has officially ended. 

Johnson says he plans to get a vehicle that will be new to him and then save the rest of his winnings.  The top prize winning ticket was sold from the Idaho Lottery’s vending machine at Winco in downtown Boise.

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