LABOR DAY GETAWAY! Utah Man Wins $100,000!

About four weeks ago, Riverdale, Utah resident Arturo Siliezar brought home a few Idaho Lottery tickets to his wife.  One of them won $10.  On Labor Day, she talked her husband into going to Pocatello for the day. Her excuse was that she wanted to claim her $10 prize. 

IMG_1396_editOn their way back home to Utah, the couple stopped at KJ’s Super Store in Malad to cash in the winner and buy some Lottery tickets for themselves and their adult children who are living at home. Arturo purchased and played a Jumbo Jumbo Bucks Scratch ticket and won the final top prize on the game of $100,000.

“We just turned around and started driving to Boise!” said Siliezar with a big smile. “The kids aren’t getting this one.”

Siliezar said he plans to pay down some bills, then use some of the winnings to put a down payment on a house for his children so they can move out.  The remainder will be put into his tire business.

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