Logan Man Claims $100,000 Scratch Game Prize!

Instead of driving back to his current house project in Preston, Idaho, Garry Kaae from Logan, Utah, decided to stop in at Best Stop Tesoro in Franklin, Idaho and play the Idaho Lottery.  Kaae paints and remodels homes.  The decision turned out to be a grand one for Kaae, one-hundred grand to be exact.   Kaae claimed the first top prize of $100,000 on the Idaho Lottery Scratch GameTM The Amazing Cashword. 

IMG_1399_editAfter winning what Kaae thought was just $5,000, he called his wife in Logan and said he was heading straight to Boise and not coming back home until he claimed his winnings.

When Kaae arrived at Lottery Offices in Boise this morning, he was in for the shock of his life when he learned his $5,000 winner was really a $100,000.

“My knees were knocking and shaking, my heart was all pounding,” explained Kaae.  “And then I called my wife to tell her I didn’t win $5,000.  That I’d won $100,000.  When I get back to Logan, I’m gonna have to peel her off the ceiling.”

Kaae, a long-time Idaho Lottery player, said he plans to save the winnings and keep on playing the Lottery, “Until they throw dirt in my face.” 

And he did tell his wife that she should take a night off of work when he got home; that she could afford to miss one night.

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