Terreton Man Misses Bus and Wins $250,000!

BOISE, Idaho – Jason Lundholm from Terreton, Idaho was supposed to be headed to Idaho Falls to board a bus to visit his brother living back east.  That was before his trip took an unexpected, winning turn.  A regular Lottery player, Lundholm picked up a few Fortune Frenzy Scratch tickets to play from the Stinker Store located at 496 1st Street in Idaho Falls.

IMG_1404_edit“I like the odds on the game, so I bought a few.  I won a couple, lost a couple, then on the last one I won big,” said Lundholm on winning the game’s second top prize of $250,000.  “It definitely hasn’t sunk in yet.”

Instead of waiting to get on the bus for the trip back east, Lundholm instead made the trek to Boise to claim his winnings Tuesday morning. 

“The bus leaves around midnight.  I’m not going to be on it,” said Lundholm.  “I’m going to enjoy winning and do it right. I’m a farm boy in the city.”

Lundholm plans to experience some of the city highlights Boise has to offer before returning back to eastern Idaho.  He plans to pay off some bills, invest in a house, and maybe start a business with his winnings.  He also plans to make that trip back east soon, too.

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