“We’re back!” exclaimed Alvin Wayland from Burley when he walked through the door to the Winner’s Lobby at Idaho Lottery offices in Boise.

IMG_1261_editWayland, and his wife Kathryn visited the Idaho Lottery in late April.  Back then they were holding a jackpot winning ticket for the Idaho-only game Weekly Grand that delivers $1,000 a week every week for an entire year with withholding taxes paid by the Idaho Lottery. 

This time, the Wayland’s arrived holding a $50,000 winning Powerball ticket from Wednesday night’s draw.  His ticket, purchased from Smith’s Food and Drug in Burley, matched four of the first five numbers and the Powerball.  This is Idaho’s second Powerball win at this level since the prize amounts changed on October 4th.

Wayland said he checked the numbers on the computer Thursday night and called for his wife to come and take a look at what he had on the screen.

“I thought he’d broken the computer again when he starting yelling for me,” said Kathryn.  “I just don’t believe it. We’re having a very good year.”

IMG_1438_editSporting a shirt that reads “Grandpa Knows Everything”, Wayland says he plans to affix the souvenir Powerball check to the wall just below the Weekly Grand check from last April.

He said the couple plans to finish paying off their house and a few debts with these winnings, then save the rest and the remainder of their Weekly Grand winnings for retirement.

“I never thought this day would ever come,” exclaimed Kathryn on having her house paid off.

“She said she’d retire once the house was all paid. I guess that’ll be on Monday,” said Wayland with a smile as they were leaving Lottery offices.  “And I hope we get to come back here again!”

This is the first time the same couple has claimed multiple, large prizes on Draw Games from the Idaho Lottery within six months. 

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