The Amazing $100,000 Light At The End Of The Tunnel!

“I’ve been looking for this ticket for a while,” said Renae Graybeal of Boise. Renae has been carefully watching the % sold on our Game Center website, just hoping that she would hit the top prize of $100,000 on The Amazing Cashword Scratch Game.

$100,000 Amazing Cashword“I was driving back from work when I stopped at Rite Aid to get a couple items and pick up a couple The Amazing Cashword tickets. Rite Aid was all sold out, so I instead went to the Tobacco Connection on State St and Glenwood.” Renae scratched the first ticket which was worth $10, and kept the other ticket until later that evening.

Not thinking that it could actually be the top prize winner, Renae and her husband stood in awe and silence when the revealed what looked like much more than just a winning ticket. They checked the ticket over and over again, to make sure what they saw was indeed the real thing!

After officially checking their ticket at an Idaho Lottery retailer, hearing the WOOH of celebration from the machine and seeing with their own eyes “Claim At Lottery”, they knew they had the real deal worth $100,000! “After searching for this ticket for so long, this is the light at the end of the tunnel,” said Graybeal.

The Graybeal’s plan on paying down debt, helping their children financially, taking their family on a vacation and saving the rest. Congrats again, Renae!

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