$50,000 Powerball Winner Says Picking Your Own Numbers Is “The Way To Go”

Do you pick your own numbers or do a quick pick?

Carol Sullivan of New Meadows, ID was making a routine grocery trip to pick up some groceries with her husband. “I mainly went into town to pick up some greens at Paul’s Market​ in McCall. However, I looked over and saw the Lottery tv screen which said the #Powerball jackpot was at $127 million and decided to pick up a 5 line ticket,” said Carol.

“I thought to myself, with $127 million, I could set up all my kids and grandkids for life; ok, I’ll get a ticket.”

$50,000 Powerball WinnerCarol often jokes with her husband who plays the Idaho Lottery every so often, saying, “why do you choose the quick pick, picking your own numbers is the way to go!”

This time, Carol’s choice to pick her own numbers paid off in a big way! The first two numbers were chosen by the age of two of her grandchildren, the next two numbers were the year she was born and her age, the final number was the age of her other grandson. Then, to finish it out, her lucky number is 7, so that made the Powerball.

If only her grandson were a year younger, she would have hit the jackpot of $127 million!

The Sullivan’s are more than happy to have won $50,000, especially given that this is only Carol’s 3rd time playing the Idaho Lottery. “What can I say, third times a charm!”

They plan to exchange their old Jeep Grand Cherokee for a newer model and save the rest of their winnings.

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