Super Secret $5,000 Giveaway Winner!

“I’ve been playing the Idaho Lottery since it began in 1989, and I’ve played Raffle since it started,” said Edward Krause of Nampa! Edward is a loyal VIP Club member and has been for years. He received an email from the Idaho Lottery for the Super Secret $5,000 Giveaway when the promotion began. He bought his ticket on October 22 and entered it into the second chance drawing.

Super Secret $5,000 Raffle Giveaway Winner

“I thought about buying another ticket, but I guess one is all I needed. I’ll definitely be buying more as the game goes on!”

“Aside from winning the $5,000, I’m most excited about going to the senior center tonight. Tonight we’re playing pinochle and each person puts in $1 to play. There’s about 30 of us, so I’m going to get 30 $1 bills and pay for everyone’s first round. I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces!”

Congrats to Edward for winning the Super Secret $5,000 Giveaway! If you’re not already a VIP Club member, be sure to sign up TODAY for promotions, exclusive VIP Sweepstakes prizes, Idaho Lottery news and so much more:

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