50,000th Raffle Ticket – IT’S ALL ABOUT THE NUMBER!

36, 66, 86, 89, 94 and 50! No, those aren’t Powerball numbers, they’re much too large. Those are Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle ticket numbers. 049936, 049966, 049986, 049989, 049994, 050000! Samantha Preece and her boyfriend love the Idaho Lottery and have been enjoying the 25,000th promotion since it began. 


“We just barely missed the first one by 51, with ticket number 025051,” said Preece. Both were very confident that it was only a matter of time until they were going to hit one of the 25,000th Raffle numbers. 

“We were at opposite parts of town; I was at Jacksons on Ustick Rd and Maple Grove Rd in Boise and he was at Maverik. We had it all planned out.  While we were on the phone together, we would keep checking the Idaho Lottery screen, letting one another know the updated number, and when the ticket number went over 049900, we would start purchasing our Raffle tickets!” Samantha had $60 on her, so if she used it all up before the 50,000th ticket then she’d just have to wait until the 75,000th. 

“The first ticket I purchased was 049936 and I had the clerk continue to print out tickets one after the other. The second ticket was then produced, probably 2-3 second later, and it had already jumped 30 tickets to 049966. We were still on the phone at this point, discussing the tickets that were coming up and the updated Raffle number on the Lottery screen,” said Preece. “The most amazing thing to me, was that there was literally no one else in the store when I was buying tickets; I had the place to myself!”

Another ticket printed, 049986, 20 tickets had passed that time. Then, 049989, followed by 049994.

“I remember being surprised that those two tickets were so close together, given that the previous tickets jumped 20 and 30. Then, the final $10 I had, the clerk printed out the final Raffle ticket and it was ticket number 050000!” exclaimed Samantha.

Samantha and her boyfriend plan to play for ticket number 075000 and for the remainder of the 25,000th Raffle promotion.

Congrats to Samantha Preece from Boise, Idaho who purchased the winning $1,000 50,000th Raffle ticket at Jacksons on Ustick Rd and Maple Grove Rd in Boise. 

Who’s going to get ticket # 075000?

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