1st Boise Towne Square Holiday Shopping Spree Winner!

Imagine receiving a call from the Idaho Lottery on a lovely, white snowy day. The Idaho Lottery congratulates you and says that you’ve won a $5,000 Holiday Shopping Spree! That’s right, $5,000! We imagine you’re starting to think of exactly what you’d spend your money on, how amazing that would be, and likely all the gifts you would buy for yourself, friends, and family!

Joseph Valenzuela_HolidayShoppingSpreeFB

That’s exactly what Joseph Valenzuela of Athol, Idaho did when he received that very call from the Idaho Lottery! Joseph drove down with his good friend to Boise on Friday, December 18 to do what just about anyone would dream of receiving, a shopping spree.

The Idaho Lottery partnered with the Boise Towne Square and are making a dream a reality for two individuals, giving them the opportunity to spend $5,000 at the Boise Towne Square! Joseph is the first of two winners on this prize and he won by entering non-winning Holiday themed Scratch tickets on the Idaho Lottery’s VIP Club website.

Joseph is an incredible woodworker and has been in the business of creating beautiful wood furniture ranging from tables to dog houses. The very moment we walked into the Boise Towne Square with Joseph, he pulled out his list of items that he’d previously researched online. This list took us directly to Sears, where we looked at a handful of things. Starting with the televisions and vacuums, then to the beds and luggage area, we finally made it to where we would spend the majority of the evening, the tool section.

“It was a bit hectic trying to pick out items that I really wanted, and wanted to give as gifts, but it was a very exciting experience. It was 1000% worth it, what an adventure,” said Joseph.

CandlewoodSuites_HotelTree“I don’t necessarily have a favorite part of the experience, the entire opportunity was the best. I’m thankful for all of it. I’ve wanted to update the tools in my workshop, and I’ll be sending out boxes of gifts in the next couple days to friends and family. And to top it off, I had a nice stay right across the street at the Candlewood Suites. I’ve got all good things to say!”

Congratulations to Joseph Valenzuela from Athol, Idaho who won the Idaho Lottery’s first of two, $5,000 Holiday Shopping Spree’s to the Boise Towne Square. 

The next Holiday Shopping Spree winner will be drawn January 20, 2016.

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