Lott Wins the Lottery, $100,000 on Scratch Game!

When your last name has the first four letters of the word Lottery in it, chances are one day you’re going to win big.  That day was today for Tamara Lott from Rigby, Idaho claimed the final top prize of $100,000 in the Idaho Lottery Scratch GameTM Hot Cash. Her winning ticket was purchased from Bob’s Kwik Service in Rigby just after the first of the year. 

IMG_1536_edit“I got the ticket right after the Raffle ended,” said Lott on her purchase of the Hot Cash ticket. “I was checking those numbers and since Hot Cash only had a couple of tickets left, I bought two.  I scratched them in the store and couldn’t believe what I saw. I was pointing at my ticket and pointing at my ticket and finally just said ‘I won $100,000!’  I showed it to the clerk and she said I needed to take it to Boise.”

After three weeks with the ticket, Lott made the trek with her family from Rigby to Boise to claim her prize.  She said they wanted to wait until the roads were safe to travel.  Lott said they plan to pay off some bills and invest the remainder of their winnings.

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