Cheney, Washington Woman Becomes Two-Time Idaho Lottery Winner

BOISE, Idaho – Dawna McCallum of Cheney, Washington became a two-time Idaho Lottery winner on Friday after simply following her instincts both times. In 2012, McCallum was the third-ever winner on the Idaho Lottery’s Weekly Grand game, which provides winners $1,000 a week every week for an entire year with withholding taxes paid by the Idaho Lottery. At the time, she had made a New Year’s resolution to win the Lottery and pay down her medical debt.  Three weeks after the New Year in 2012, she did just that.

IMG_1543_editFast forward four years later to last week. McCallum was on her way to a social event, “Working Women’s Wednesday” hosted by KZZU radio out of Spokane. Last Wednesday, the event was being held at the Timber Gastro Pub in Post Falls, Idaho. On her way there, she was listening to the station and heard the song “Timber” by Pitbull with Ke$ha.  Seeing the unusual juxtaposition of these two similarities in names, McCallum decided to stop and buy an Idaho Lottery ticket from the Seltice Way Stop-n-Go in Post Falls. 

“I went in thinking I was going to get a Powerball ticket, but then I saw they had a Scratch Game called Big Timber,” explained McCallum on her winning purchase. “It was like everything was lining up for me. First the name of the place I was going, then the song, and then the ticket. I had to buy it.” 

McCallum claimed the game’s top prize of $100,000 from her purchase.  “It was like the last time. It was meant to be,” said an astonished McCallum.

McCallum plans to finish paying off debt and then invest the balance of her winnings.

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