Lucky Idaho Lottery Headquarters Vending Machine

Idaho has a new, lucky vending machine, and it happens to be at the Idaho Lottery headquarters in Boise.

Just iIMG_1569_editnside the doors from the main entrance to the Idaho Lottery’s lobby is Kim’s Vending machine, an Idaho Lottery vending machine just like one found in hundreds of retail locations across the Gem State.  This vending machine functions just like the others around Idaho, is serviced just like all the other machines in Idaho, and is kept current with the most recent Scratch Games and Draw Game offerings.  Visitors to the building, or winners waiting to receive their checks from the Winner’s Lobby, are the machine’s most frequent patrons.  And while capable of selling big winning tickets like the other machines around the State, none had been sold from Kim’s Vending, until today.

About a year ago, Seth Burnett claimed a couple of big wins on Idaho Pick3 that required him to visit the Idaho Lottery offices.  That’s when he was first introduced to Kim’s Vending and became a quasi-regular player. 

“I’ll stop by and play that machine three, maybe four times a year if I’m on my way home this way,” said Seth.  “I was driving down Emerald to Americana, crossed the river and thought I should stop by.  I’d guess probably not a lot of people play that machine.”

Seth bought two tickets from Kim’s Vending, both $20 Jingle Bell Jackpot games.  The second ticket turned out to be one of the game’s $20,000 winners.  “Wooh-hoo!” echoed his yell throughout the foyer area of the Lottery’s building.  Seth then walked the ticket about ten feet into the Idaho Lottery Winner’s Lobby, signed it, and left the office to go and get his wife Rachel for the check ceremony.

The couple plan to pay down some bills with their winnings.  “I was in the right place at the right time,” said a thankful Seth. 

The next time you visit, try your luck with the most current Scratch Games or get your Draw Game tickets from Kim’s Vending, the newest, lucky vending machine in Idaho!

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