Good Deed Leads to $50,000 Treasure Hunt Win

Last week, Spencer Barney from Shelley discovered there had been a mistake and $1,100 deposited for another bank client found its way into his account.  Spencer, recognizing the error, contacted the bank and the rightful owner of $1,100 to ensure its safe return.

IMG_1574_editOn Sunday, Spencer was at Smith’s Food & Drug on Woodruff in Idaho Falls and had $10 left over from grocery shopping, so he bought a couple of Idaho Lottery Treasure Hunt Scratch tickets, the game celebrating pirate adventures.  With his winnings, he continued to buy $5 Scratch tickets from the store’s vending machine.  He used his phone and the Lottery’s Check-a-Ticket app to scan the bar codes on each of his tickets for winners.  On his last Treasure Hunt ticket, it gave him a number to call regarding his win. 

“I thought it must have been at least $1,000.  I wanted to call someone to ask how much I’d won, but it was Sunday and the Lottery was closed until Tuesday because of the holiday.  So, I sat down and played the game. I couldn’t believe it!” described Spencer on how he discovered he had the winning ticket worth $50,000.  “My dad said bigger things would come when I gave back the $1,100. He was right!”

Spencer claimed his winner on Wednesday afternoon at the Lottery offices after keeping the signed, winning ticket safe in his shoe for three days.  He plans to invest the majority of his winnings and maybe splurge on a dirt bike.

Treasure Hunt still has one top prize remaining.

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